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Feeling the Spiritual Atmosphere of Jabal Nur and Hira Cave


Feeling the Spiritual Atmosphere of Jabal Nur and Hira Cave

Jabal Nur is a hill that is a sharp and steep rock formation. It takes about one to two hours to climb Jabal Nur. Because the slope of Jabal Nur can reach more than 45 degrees, Hajj and Umrah pilgrims who want to climb are advised to bring a walking stick.

Hira Cave is located about six kilometers north of the Grand Mosque, where the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) retreated and contemplated. At that time the people of Mecca were still jahiliyah and worshiped idols.

What's on Jabal Nur?

Jabal Nur, or Mount Nur, is a small mountain located near the city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. In Indonesian, Nur means light. A name given, because it was from there that the prophetic light emerged.

From a distance, Jabal Nur looks like a mountain whose peak resembles a camel's hump. Unlike the mountains in Indonesia which are usually vibrant with flora, Jabal Nur is surrounded by barren desert.

This mountain is one of the special places because there is Cave Hira which is the place where the Prophet Muhammad SAW received the first revelation from Allah through the Angel Gabriel.

Hira Cave is a small cave located at the top of Jabal Nur, where the Prophet Muhammad SAW often retreated and contemplated in search of spiritual calm before he finally received the first revelation.

Inside the Cave of Hira, there is a small area known as the "Prophet's Pulpit" which is believed to be the place where Prophet Muhammad sat when he received the revelation.

A visit to Jabal Nur and the Cave of Hira is one of the many historical places in Mecca that are visited by many Hajj and Umrah pilgrims. Many people visit this place to feel the spiritual atmosphere and honor the place where the revelation of the Qur'an began.

Location of Jabal Nur and Cave of Hira

Jabal Nur and Hira Cave are located near the city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Here is an explanation of the location of both:

Location of Jabal Nur

Jabal Nur is located about six kilometers to the northeast of the city of Mecca. Geographically, the mountain is located in the Hijaz mountain range, which is part of the Sarawat Mountains in the southwestern part of Saudi Arabia.

Jabal Nur can be accessed by traveling about 15-20 minutes using transportation provided by the government or can use local Saudi Arabian transportation from downtown Mecca.

Location of Hira Cave

Hira Cave is located at the top of Jabal Nur. truFriends can climb through about 1,420 steps to get to Hira Cave which is located at an altitude of about 270 meters above sea level.

Hira Cave has a fairly small size, which is approximately 1.6 meters wide and 3.7 meters long. It is located on an uphill cliff but not too high. However, pilgrims who want to visit Hira Cave should have a good physique because prime stamina is needed to be able to climb the cliff.

History of Hira Cave

Hira Cave has a significant history in the context of Islam. Here is a brief overview of the history of the Cave of Hira:

The emergence of Islam

Before the advent of Islam, the Cave of Hira was already known as a place that was revered by some groups of pagan Arabs as a spiritual or meditative place. In pre-Islamic times, the caves around Mecca were considered sacred places and believed to have spiritual powers.

The First Revelation

It was in Hira Cave that the Prophet Muhammad received the first revelation from Allah through the Angel Gabriel.

The Prophet Muhammad SAW received the revelation while contemplating in the Cave of Hira on the 17th of Ramadan, 13 years before hijri. At that time the Prophet was 40 years old.

There, the Angel Gabriel came to him and delivered the first revelation from Allah, namely Surah Al-Alaq verses 1 to 5. The revelation then became the initial milestone of the prophetic mission of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Current Condition of Hira Cave

Until now, both Jabal Bur and Hira Cave are places that pilgrims often visit. When at the top, truFriends can see the magnificent view of Mecca City.

It's just that the path is indeed very steep and quite risky, so the Saudi government itself posted announcements regarding the appeal of climbing for pilgrims in several languages.

The Prophet himself actually never once suggested that climbing Jabal Nur is part of worship, meaning that there is no obligation to go up. Even so, in fact there are always many pilgrims who come and try to climb this mountain to feel the spiritual atmosphere and honor the place where the revelation of the Qur'an began.

If truFriends also want to hike to Hira Cave, make sure your physical condition supports you, so that you can stay safe and secure.

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