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History of Jabal Uhud and its Specialty for Muslims


History of Jabal Uhud and its Specialty for Muslims

Jabal Uhud is a mountain located in the city of Medina, Saudi Arabia. This mountain has an important history and specialty for Muslims. Mount Uhud is one of the mountains that is promised to be in heaven.

Muslims who will undergo Hajj or Umrah will see Jabal Uhud when they are in Medina. In fact, some groups even take the time to visit this mountain.

So, what is the history and specialty of Jabal Uhud? Let's find out more about this special mountain by reading the following article!
Location of Jabal Uhud

Jabal Uhud or Mount Uhud is 5 km north of Medina City. Every Hajj or Umrah pilgrim will definitely pass this mountain when going to Medina. Mount Uhud looks reddish in color because it consists of granite rocks, red marble and precious stones,

Mount Uhud has an altitude of 1,077 meters above sea level with a length of 7 km. Physically, truFriends will see this mountain looks alone, because it is not connected to other mountains. For this reason, the people of Medina call it Jabal Uhud which means a solitary hill.

At this location there is a tomb for 70 companions of the Prophet who died in the Battle of Uhud. The location is tightly fenced covered with thin plastic glass. Visitors may not be able to see too clearly inside this complex.

History of Jabal Uhud

Jabal Uhud is a mountain that holds valuable historical value for Muslims. This mountain witnessed a phenomenal war between the Prophet and his companions with the pagan forces of Quraysh Mecca. This war was named the Uhud War.

The Uhud War took place on 15 Shawwal 3 Hijri or in March 625 AD. The number of Muslim troops who participated in the war was very lame. Initially there were 1,000 people, but some chose to resign and return to Medina. So, the Muslim army only amounted to 700 people.

Meanwhile, the enemy itself consisted of 3,000 Quraysh polytheists. There was a great battle between the Muslims and the Quraysh disbelievers. In this battle, the Muslims had won.

But then the archers who were on top of Mount Arrimah were tempted to see the valuables left behind by the polytheists. Finally, the archers left their post. They forgot the Prophet's order not to leave their posts. Some of the archers went down except for their commander Abdullah bin Jabir and 6 other archers.

Therefore, the leader of Quraysh took advantage of the situation by bringing the troops to turn from the rear of the Muslim army. And the Muslim army suffered a lot of defeat. 70 companions of the prophet died and the most saddened the Prophet was the death of his uncle, Hamzah bin Abu Muttalib.

The Specialty of Jabal Uhud

That's the historical value of Jabal Uhud. In addition, there are several features of Jabal Uhud that truFriends need to know, namely:

1. Promised to be in Heaven

Mount Uhud is a mountain that is promised to be in heaven. This is in accordance with the Hadith narrated by Bukhari, namely, "If we want to see a hill found in heaven, then make a pilgrimage to Mount Uhud. The Prophet Muhammad SAW said, 'Mount Uhud is one of the hills found in heaven," (HR Bukhari).

2. So loved by the Prophet Muhammad

It is also said that Mount Uhud trembled when the Prophet Muhammad SAW was with Sayyidina Abu Bakar RA, Sayyidina Umar Al-Faruq RA, and Sayyidina Uthman bin Affan RA at its peak.

During the battle of Uhud, the Prophet Muhammad SAW stomped his feet and said, Shut up you Uhud. Above you now are the Messenger of Allah and the one who always confirmed him (Abu Bakr RA) and two people who will be martyred." (Umar bin Khattab and Uthman bin Affan).

Shortly after that the Prophet stomped his feet, Mount Uhud then stopped shaking as a sign of joy to welcome the Prophet. In another hadith it was also narrated that, "Mount Uhud is a mountain that loves us and we love it too," (HR Bukhori).

3. Tomb for 70 martyrs of the Battle of Uhud

Mount Uhud witnessed the death of dozens of martyrs of the Uhud War. 70 companions of the prophet who died were buried in the Tomb of the Uhud Martyrs which is between Mount Uhud and Bukit Rumat.

That's the information about Jabal Uhud that truFriends need to know. truFriends can visit Jabal Uhud when performing Hajj or Umrah to the holy land. truFriends can see or visit it when in Medina.

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