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7 meanings of dreaming about going on Hajj, what does it mean?


7 meanings of dreaming about going on Hajj, what does it mean?

Hajj - One of the pillars of worship that is highly desired by Muslims is to perform the Hajj pilgrimage. This worship is a gift given by Allah SWT to his people to be able to see the Kaaba directly in the Holy Land of Mecca.

Although it is difficult to do, it does not mean it is impossible if Allah SWT has willed. This very deep desire, not infrequently even carried away by dreams that some people believe that there is meaning in the dream.

In Islamic teachings, dreams can come from Allah SWT, Satan, and even the human mind itself. In fact, dreams are a parable or symbolization of events that truFriends have experienced or thought about.

Dream meaning of Hajj
According to Ibn Sirin, a leading dream interpreter in Islam in the book Ta'birul Ro'oy said that the meaning of the dream of going on Hajj will be interpreted differently depending on the condition of the person who dreamed it. There are several interpretations of this dream that are in accordance with the condition of the Muslim who dreams, including:

1. Recovering from illness
If a person who dreams that he is going on a pilgrimage while he is sick, then it is interpreted that he will soon recover from his illness.

2. Debt paid off
Someone who is in debt in the real world, then he falls asleep and dreams of going on a pilgrimage. So this dream can be interpreted that Allah will soon pay off the debts he has until it is paid off.

3. Surviving the Journey
If someone who is traveling far and he then falls asleep and dreams that he sees the Kaaba, then the dream can be interpreted as a good sign that the person will survive the trip.

4. Getting Ease
When experiencing difficulties, we will often look for solutions to all these problems. If someone who is experiencing difficulties in his life then he dreams of going on a pilgrimage, then this dream is a sign that Allah SWT will immediately make it easy to solve all the difficulties he is experiencing.

5. Getting Abundant Profits
Someone who is running a business or has a certain business and gets a dream of going on a pilgrimage can be interpreted that he will get profit or sustenance from his merchandise.

6. Staying in touch with new people
When a person who dreams of performing the Hajj pilgrimage and gathering with other pilgrims, then this dream means that he will establish a good relationship with people he knows.

7. Allah SWT is pleased with His Servants
If a Muslim has dreamed of performing Hajj or Umrah, this is interpreted as a sign that Allah SWT is pleased with his servants, and the dream can mean a good sign that Allah SWT is making it easier for his servants to perform Hajj and Umrah.

These are some interpretations of the meaning of dreams of going on Hajj according to the interpretation of Sheikh Ibn Sirin. Regardless of what the dream means, hopefully truFriends will be facilitated to perform the Hajj and Umrah. Aamiin YRA

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