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Latest Gamis Model 2023, Simple & Elegant!


Latest Gamis Model 2023, Simple & Elegant!

Simple and elegant gamis are the perfect choice for Muslim women who prioritize simplicity and elegance in their appearance. Gamis clothing is one of the most popular Muslim clothing in Indonesia.

It is usually worn in formal events or religious events such as recitation. With simple neat cuts, neutral or soft colors, minimalist details, quality fabrics and the right selection of accents, truFriends can look simple and elegant with a gamis.

Well, here are some recommendations for the latest 2023 gamis models from L.tru that can inspire the look of truFriends! Check out more below to find out the inspiration for Muslimah gamis fashion.

What is Gamis?
The term gamis comes from the word Khomis which originated from Somalia, while in Arabic it is popularly called Tsaub or Kandurah. The form of gamis is in the form of ankle-length brackets with long sleeves.

In Indonesia, there are many gamis models that are favored by Muslim women. This long overalls has a loose model and does not shape the body, so it is very practical to be worn by Muslim women to cover the aurat.

Gamis are famously worn by submission mothers, but due to the development of gamis models, young women and teenagers also like gamis to be used for traveling, working, coming to weddings, and other activities.

Recommendations for the Latest Gamis Model 2023 Simple & Elegant
Check out the following recommendations for the latest gamis 2023 for an elegant appearance at all times!

Sleek Dress Plain Gamis

The recommendation for the latest gamis model this year which is elegantly simple is the Sleek Dress Plain Gamis. This robe only has a wide selection of colors with specially designed cuts for a more proportional look, giving a slimmer impression.

This gamis uses premium soft polyester material that is lightweight, cool, not easy to wrinkle, anti-fade, anti-UV, not dreamy and breathable. This robe is very comfortable and can be worn by nursing mothers, and of course for traveling.

Gamis Lite Basic Dress

truFriends will feel maximum comfort with this Gamis Lite Basic Dress from L.tru. This gamis has a premium woven polyester material that feels very smooth on the skin with a simple yet elegant design, so it can be worn to various events.

With the special cutting of the Lite Basic Dress, truFriends will appear slimmer and longer. This robe has also been equipped with truComfort, truColor, truProtection features that are comfortable, cool, anti-UV, and long-lasting colors.

Gamis Dress Chandler 2 in 1 Green

Next is the Gamis Dress Chandler 2 in 1 Green which has a unique two-color combination design of soft green and gray for a more fashionable and stylish appearance. There is a button accent at the bottom to add a modern look.

Overall, truFriends can wear this robe in various activities. As for comfort, truFriends don't need to doubt anymore. This robe from L.tru is made from super soft and cool cotton material.

Rowan Denim Dress

truFriends want a casual and simple look? Then the Rowan Denim Dress is the answer! This robe has a denim style for a timeless everyday look. This denim robe has many fans, because the color is neutral so that it can be combined with various hijab colors.

The material used in this robe is denim cotton material that is not transparent, medium thickness, and does not stretch when worn. truFriends can wear this robe for various events, especially when hanging out!

Bless Series Dress

This gamis is perfect for truFriends to wear when leaving for the holy land, not only that, truFriends can also wear it for recitation or other events. truFriends can get a long gamis as well as inner pants, bergo hajj, inner hijab, prayer cuffs, as well as socks in one practical bag.

With Bless Series Dress, truFriends will feel maximum comfort when worshiping. The material used is soft polyester which is not transparent, so it is very light and cool. There are two colors of Bless Series gamis, namely off white and black. #StoryOfHoly Land #ComfortableWithLtru #Hajj #Umrah

Buy the Latest and Comfortable Gamis Models at L.tru
truFriends want the latest gamis models above? truFriends can get all of that at L.tru! With the gamis above, truFriends can look contemporary, but still simple at various events. Which of the latest gamis models will truFriends choose?

Check out various models of gamis, tunics, kaftans, hijabs, the most comfortable women's Hajj and Umrah clothes and so on on the L.tru website right now! A wide selection of the latest Muslim fashion that is comfortable and practical awaits truFriends!

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