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Badal Hajj: Meaning, Conditions and Rulings


Badal Hajj: Meaning, Conditions and Rulings

Badal Hajj - For a Muslim, performing the Hajj pilgrimage is a fortune, because not all Muslims are given advantages financially or physically and mentally.

If a Muslim has all the mandatory requirements to perform Hajj, then it is obligatory to perform Hajj. However, sometimes physical conditions such as physical weakness, illness or even death mean that the obligation can be delegated by someone else, or commonly referred to as badal Hajj.

So what exactly is badal Hajj? Who can perform badal Hajj and what are the terms and conditions? Here's the review.

Definition of Badal Hajj
The term badal in language means substitute or representative. The definition of badal Hajj is a Hajj that is performed on behalf of another person because the person who is obliged to perform Hajj has died or for those who are physically and mentally unable to perform Hajj in the Holy City.

When a person performs badal Hajj, he or she will be represented by the heirs of the person who made the will before his or her death, or by someone who has already performed Hajj and meets other requirements such as physical and mental health.

Ruling of Badal Hajj
In practice, the person who can deputize for Hajj is someone who has already performed Hajj before. This is explained in the results of the Mudzakarah National Conference on Badal Hajj arranged by the Ministry of Religion, the requirements for people who do badal Hajj must have performed Hajj first.

This provision is also based on the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad delivered by Ibn Abbas ra. He once heard someone say:

"O Allah, I fulfill Your call for Shubramah". The Prophet asked: Who is Shubramah? He replied: Shubramah is my brother or my relative. The Prophet asked: Did you perform Hajj for yourself? He said: No. Then the Prophet said: Perform Hajj for yourself, then perform Hajj for Shubramah." (HR. Abu Daud, lbnu Hibban, and Hakim).

So it can be concluded that, someone can be a representative of badal Hajj. But on condition that he has performed Hajj for himself. There is no special difference between badal Hajj and regular Hajj, the difference is the intention of performing the Hajj.

Terms and Conditions of Badal Hajj
Ease is given to fulfill the commandments of Allah SWT, but all worship certainly has its own provisions, including the implementation of badal Hajj. Some summaries of the conditions of Hajj include:

It is not valid if the Hajj is canceled when he is still able to perform it.
It is not valid to replace one's self with another person when one is still able to perform Hajj in the Holy Land.

It is not valid to substitute Hajj for someone who is financially unable to perform it.
Substitution of Hajj is only done when a person is unable to perform Hajj due to physical incapacity or death.

It is permissible to make up Hajj for someone of the opposite sex
The scholars agree that it is permissible to substitute someone else's Hajj even if it is the opposite sex. For example, a son replacing his mother's Hajj, or a daughter replacing her father's Hajj.

It is not permissible to substitute the Hajj of two or more people in one Hajj.
It is not permissible for a substitute to make up the Hajj of more than two people at the same time.

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