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Tahallul Procedure in Hajj and Umrah


Tahallul Procedure in Hajj and Umrah

In performing Hajj and Umrah, truFriends need to know the various sequences. One of the series that must be done in Hajj and Umrah is Tahallul.

Tahallul is the state of a person leaving the state of ihram. truFriends perform tahallul in Umrah only once, but in Hajj there are two tahallul that must be performed.

So, what should be done when exiting ihram? And what are the different types of exiting ihallul? Come on, truFriends, find out the answers by looking at the complete tahallul procedure below!

What is Tahallul?
In language, Tahallul means "to become permissible" or "to become halal", while in shara' terms Tahallul is the release of a person from the prohibition of Ihram after completing a complete Hajj or Umrah.

Male pilgrims are recommended to shave off all their hair, while female pilgrims are characterized by shaving or cutting a few strands of hair with at least three hairs.

Meaning of Tahallul
Tahallul is not just shaving the hair, but there is a deep meaning behind this series. Tahallul itself is an order of Allah SWT, with Tahallul being mandatory in the Umrah and Hajj series, all Hajj and Umrah pilgrims should not leave this out.

Tahallul as it means is a symbol of freedom from all discomfort, anxiety, or fear. By performing Tahallul, one gives up the hair that is the adornment and crown so that it is free from all arrogance, and makes Hajj and Umrah pilgrims humble.

The Law of Tahallul
Tahallul is one of the rulings of Umrah and Hajj that needs to be implemented. The law of this series of Hajj and Umrah is obligatory. Allah SWT in Al-Quran Surah Al-Fath verse 27 has explained the law of tahallul.

The verse means:

¨Surely Allah will prove to His Messenger the truth of his dream (i.e.) that you will surely enter the Sacred Mosque, God willing, in safety, shaving your head and cutting it, and you will not be afraid. So Allah knows what you do not know, and He gives you before that a near victory¨ (al-Fath 27).

Types of Tahallul
truFriends need to know some of the different stages of exiting ihraam. Here is the explanation:

Tahallul Hajj
Tahallul Hajj is performed by pilgrims. Considering that the Hajj series is so long with a long period, there are two types of Tahallul that need to be performed, namely:

Initial Tahallul or Asghar Tahallul.
Tahallul Awal or Asghar is the first stage of tahallul which can be done by performing two of the three, namely shaving, stoning the jumrah aqabah, and tawaaf ifadah. After performing the initial stage of exiting ihram, the restrictions of ihram are allowed except for sexual intercourse and things that induce desire.

According to the scholars of the Shaafa'iyah and Hanbalis, during the first stage of exiting ihram it is not permissible to do a marriage contract. However, according to the Maalikis, what is prohibited in the initial exiting ihram is intercourse and perfume.

Final Tahallul or Tahallul Tsani
The second stage of Hajj is the final stage or tahallul tsani. This is done after the completion of all the stages of Hajj. Tahallul tsani can be fulfilled by doing three complete series of shaving, stoning the Jamrah, and tawaaf ifadah.

Tahallul Umrah
Tahallul Umrah is performed when performing Umrah. Unlike the Hajj pilgrimage, Umrah has only one stage of exiting ihram, which is done after performing all the stages of the Umrah pilgrimage.

The Umrah stage of exiting ihram signifies that all the restrictions of Umrah have been lifted and all activities that were previously prohibited are allowed.

Tahallul Procedure
Did you know that there are differences between male and female pilgrims in performing the ritual of exiting Hajj and Umrah? Find out the tahallul procedure below.

Tahallul Procedure for Female Pilgrims
In performing tahallul, female pilgrims do not need to shave their heads or shave their hair. Female pilgrims only need to cut their hair at least three strands or cut their hair short.

truFriends simply take the hair on the front side of the head, then take as many knuckles as possible, after which cut the hair with a knife, scissors, or other cutting tools. The series of tahallul with this rule is considered valid.

Tahallul Procedure for Male Pilgrims
For male pilgrims, tahallul can be done by shaving off all their hair. Scholars agree that shaving the hair for male pilgrims is very preferable. Meanwhile, according to the Shafi'i school of thought, shaving only part of the head is valid, but not valid in the other three schools of thought.

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