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Prayer for Seeing the Kaaba During Hajj and Umrah


Prayer for Seeing the Kaaba During Hajj and Umrah

Prayer to see the Kaaba - As Muslims, of course we know about the Kaaba. Kaaba is a sacred building built by Prophet Ibrahim AS and Prophet Ismail AS. The building that has become the Qibla for Muslims in carrying out prayer services.

The Kaaba has a cube shape, according to its meaning in Arabic which is "box-shaped house" or "boxing". The Kaaba also has other names such as Baitul Haram (Holy House), Baitullah (House of Allah), Awal ul Bait (First House) and so on.

As a sacred building that has existed for centuries, there is certainly an interesting history behind the construction of this holy house of Muslims. How is the history of the formation of this Kaaba? Check out the following explanation.

History of the Kaaba
At that time the Prophet Ibrahim AS received an order from Allah SWT to build Baitullah (House of God) on the face of the earth of Mecca. Prophet Ibrahim AS built the Kaaba from a stone arrangement forming a cube. During the construction process, Prophet Ibrahim AS had the task of arranging the stone while Prophet Ismail AS had the task of carrying the stone.

The Kaaba building built by Prophet Ibrahim AS and Ismail AS is 9 cubits or approximately 11 meters high. The length from Hajar Aswad to the Shami pillar is 32 cubits. Then from the Shami pillar and the Gharbi pillar is 22 cubits and the length from the Gharbi pillar to the Yamani pillar is 31 cubits.

While from the Yamani pillar to Hajar Aswad is 20 cubits long. The pillars referred to here are the areas or corners of the place in question.

Thanks to the Kaaba, the development of the city of Mecca became quite rapid. Mecca has become a center of worship and also trade. Many Arab caravans traveled to Mecca to go to the Kaaba and perform tawaf there.

The inside of the Kaaba
Many people ask about what is inside the Kaaba. The Saudi Arabian government restricts the people who can enter the Kaaba. What is the content of the building that has a size of 11.03 m with a side of 11.03 m x 12.62 m?

Some think that the contents in the Kaaba section are antiques from the time of the Prophet, but actually the contents of the Kaaba itself are empty rooms.

The contents of the Kaaba only consist of three pillars and also a knee-high table. These three pillars have a function to support the roof of the Kaaba and also to support lamps made of gold and silver.

The emptiness of the Kaaba also has a deep meaning. It is a representation of the beginning of human birth from a clot of blood that lives from a void.

It is this interpretation that gives a sense of belonging that the Qibla direction will lead us to the source of life. Therefore, when we have the opportunity to visit the temple, we are encouraged to recite prayers when we come and see it.

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Prayer When Looking at the Kaaba
When we are performing Umrah or Hajj and begin to enter the Grand Mosque, the heart is made to tremble and can't wait to see Baitullah directly. All the efforts and prayers that have been prayed to be given the opportunity to directly visit the house of Allah make this moment even more special.

Therefore, pilgrims are encouraged to recite this prayer:

لَّهُمَّ أَنْتَ السَّلاَمُ، وَمِنْكَ السَّلَامُ، فَحَيِّنَا رَبَّنَا بِالسَّلَامِ

Allahumma antas salam, wa minka salam, wa hayyina rabbana bis salam

Meaning, "O Allah, You are salvation. From You comes salvation. O our Lord, grant us honor through salvation."

The virtue of reciting this prayer is that by glorifying, exalting and honoring the Kaaba, whoever prays will be included in the prayers uttered by other worshipers.

That's the complete information about the prayer to see the Kaaba. Now truFriends already understand the contents of the prayer, right? Of course, the virtue of reciting the prayer is that anyone who will pray for the Kaaba will be included in the prayer.

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Al-Kharbuthli, Ali Husni. The History of the Kaaba: The Story of the Sacred House that Has Not Weathered the Ages. Turos Library, 2015.


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