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10 Tips for Choosing Mukena for Traveling, Worship Anywhere!


10 Tips for Choosing Mukena for Traveling, Worship Anywhere!

Mukena Traveling - For Muslim women, it is very important to bring a mukena when traveling. By carrying a traveling mukena in your bag, truFriends don't have to worry about missing prayer time while on the road.

A traveling mukena is very practical to carry. Its small size will not take up much space in the bag. This type of mukena is the best solution for truFriends who often travel.

There are a number of tips from L.tru when choosing a traveling mukena. Make sure truFriends choose the best traveling mukena for homecoming, traveling, or every day activities!

Tips for Choosing a Traveling Mukena

Here are some tips on choosing a traveling mukena, let's check it out!

Lightweight and Easy to Carry Everywhere
Mukena Traveling is designed with practicality in mind. Therefore, truFriends need to make sure that the traveling mukena that will be obtained is light and easy to carry around.

One of the lightweight and smooth traveling mukena materials is soft polyester. This material is known to be very light, strong, and flexible, making it easy to carry around. truFriends can put a traveling mukena with soft polyester anywhere without fear of stretching or damage.

Easy to Fold and Wrinkle Resistant
Traveling mukena is usually made of wrinkle-resistant material such as polyester. Although often folded and put in a bag, this mukena still looks neat when used without visible wrinkles.

Dry Quickly
Choose a mukena with a material that dries quickly. This will be very helpful when truFriends are traveling and need to wash the mukena. With a quick-drying material, truFriends can wash the mukena efficiently and reuse it immediately.

Comfortable to Wear
Make sure the mukena that truFriends choose is comfortable to wear. Choose a mukena with a size that fits your body and also pay attention to the design and model. Make sure the mukena has a loose cut and is not too tight so that it provides comfort when used.

No Shading
The most important thing in choosing a traveling mukena is that the mukena is not transparent. This is done so that the prayer remains solemn and covers the aurat.

Good Stitching Quality
Pay attention to the stitching quality of the mukena. Make sure the seams are strong and neat, so that the mukena can withstand repeated use and is durable even if it is often folded and put in a bag.

Eye-catching Design
truFriends may have their own preferences in choosing a favorite motif or color. Therefore, truFriends need to choose a mukena with colors or motifs according to their taste. With this, truFriends will feel comfortable and confident while wearing it.

Cool Materials
In addition, traveling mukenas also tend to use cool materials. This is especially important when worshipping in hot or humid places, where wearing a mukena will still feel comfortable.

There is Elastic Rubber on the Chin
The presence of elastic on the chin is one of the things to consider in choosing a traveling mukena. With the elastic on the chin, the hood of the traveling mukena will adjust its size to the truFriends' face.

truFriends will not worry about the mukena being too loose when praying. So that truFriends' worship will feel comfortable and more solemn.

Also consider the practicality of the traveling mukena when used and carried. Choose a mukena that is easy to put on and take off, so that truFriends do not have to waste excessive time when changing places or when performing worship in mosques or in public places.

Traveling mukena with a bag or pouch will be very easy to carry and store, because its size does not take up much space. It is recommended to put the mukena bag in an easily accessible place so that it is not difficult to take it when prayer time arrives.

Best & Practical Traveling Mukena from L.tru

By considering the tips above, truFriends can choose a mukena that is suitable for traveling purposes. truFriends can get all the practicality and comfort in L.tru traveling mukena!

L.tru traveling mukena has a premium soft polyester material that is lightweight and smooth, so truFriends will feel comfortable when wearing it. The material is also not dreamy and does not wrinkle easily.

truFriends can get an exclusive travel mukena from L.tru along with a bag/pouch and a small prayer mat for the face. truFriends can get it now by visiting the L.tru website or at various L.tru outlets!

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