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How to Register for Hajj Online & Offline, and the Fees


How to Register for Hajj Online & Offline, and the Fees

Performing the Hajj is a dream for all Muslims. It is the 5th pillar of Islam that must be performed by Muslims who are financially and physically capable. Hajj requires a lot of money as well as a long queue list for the Indonesian Hajj pilgrimage.

Many Indonesian Muslims are now saving money to be able to leave for the Holy Land. To perform the Hajj, truFriends must have an account to register first with the nearest Ministry of Religious Affairs Office.

However, due to the sophistication of technology, truFriends can now register for Hajj online. It's very easy to do! To find out the requirements and how to register for Hajj, check out the following review!

Regular Hajj or Hajj Plus?

truFriends may be confused about choosing to do regular Hajj or Hajj Plus. What exactly is the difference between the two? Both are equally performing the hajj pilgrimage in the Holy Land. However, regular Hajj is a government service, while Hajj plus is a private service.

Furthermore, regular Hajj is organized by the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs at the Directorate General of Hajj and Umrah (Dirjen PHU), while Hajj plus is organized by the private sector which is directly selected by the government as a Special Hajj Organizer (PIHK).

Both have differences in facilities, accommodation, length of queue list, hajj fees to be paid, and period in the holy land. Hajj plus is an exclusive Hajj program without a queue list, and the facilities offered are also very comfortable.

Meanwhile, those who perform regular Hajj need to wait for departure for years, but the costs incurred are cheaper than Hajj plus. However, on average, the regular Hajj program is carried out for 40 days, while Hajj plus is 25-30 days.

Updated Hajj List Requirements

There are some requirements for the latest Hajj list that truFriends need to know before registering for Hajj. The requirements are as follows:

At least 12 years old at the time of registration.
Active Identity Card (KTP) according to domicile or other valid proof of identity.
Family Card (KK).
Birth certificate, marriage certificate, or diploma.
Savings account in the name of the congregation.
Color photo pass size 3x4 with a white background 10 sheets, with the color of the shirt / veil contrasting with the background, not wearing official clothes, and for female pilgrims using Muslim clothing, not wearing glasses and a minimum facial appearance of 80 percent.

How to Register for Hajj Online & Offline

If you have met the requirements for registering for Hajj above, truFriends can register for Hajj right now! Because technology has advanced, now all Indonesian Muslims can register for Hajj without hassle online!

How can you do it? Check out the procedure for registering for Hajj online as follows:

1. Open a Hajj savings account at BPS BPIH
The first thing truFriends must do is open a Hajj savings account at BPS BPIH or the abbreviation for Bank Receiving Deposit for Hajj Implementation Costs. In short, this is a savings account at an Islamic Commercial Bank appointed by the Hajj Financial Management Agency (BPKH) to store pilgrims' hajj funds.

truFriends can visit the nearest BPS BPIH and open an account. The requirements for opening this account are not much different from opening an account in general, truFriends must prepare a Resident Identity Card (KTP) and other supporting documents.

Next, truFriends will be asked to sign a statement letter fulfilling the requirements for Hajj registration from the Indonesian Ministry of Religion. Then truFriends must make an initial deposit of IDR 25 million in order to get a Hajj queue number.

2. Online Hajj Registration
truFriends can register for Hajj with the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs online. Launching from the Ministry of Religious Affairs, how to register for Hajj online is as follows:

Download the Pusaka Super Apps app on the Play Store or App Store.
Create a Pusaka account to login.
Complete your personal data, then save it by clicking the "Save Data Update" button.
Return to the main menu by pressing the arrow on the top left.
Tap the Public Services menu option, then select Hajj Registration.
Then you will be asked to log in to your 'Hajj Account'. If you already have an account, you can directly enter your email address and password. Next, you will be asked to fill in the registration form online.
If you don't have an account, click the 'Register' menu option.
Next, you will be asked to fill in the Validation Number and NIK. To get the validation number, pay the initial Hajj registration deposit first at the bank providing Hajj registration services or the nearest BPS and BPIH.
After that, enter the validation number and NIK, and then the user is asked to fill in the online registration form.
After completing all the required data and documents, within a maximum of 3 working days, the SPH (Hajj registration letter) containing the pilgrims' portion number is sent to the user's email and can also be downloaded through Pusaka.

3. Through Hajj Registration at the Representative Office of the Ministry of Religious Affairs (Directly)

If truFriends already have an account with BPS BPIH and have made an initial deposit, then truFriends can directly register through the Ministry of Religious Affairs representative office in the area. truFriends only need to prepare proof of initial deposit as well as a signed statement of fulfilling the requirements for the Hajj list.

The initial deposit in a trusted Islamic bank is then transferred to the Ministry of Religious Affairs. Then, BPS BPIH will issue proof of initial deposit which must be kept carefully as proof of validation of Hajj departure.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia will then validate the data and other family members who will also travel for Hajj. Therefore, the required documents for registering for Hajj should be prepared completely.

truFriends will also be asked to fill in the Hajj Registration Letter (SPPH) which must be included along with the requirements of the Hajj registration file in one folder. Then, give all the existing files to the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs officer.

Estimated Cost of Hajj Updated 2023

President Jokowi issued Presidential Decree (Keppres) Number 7 of 2023 concerning the Cost of Hajj Implementation in 1444 Hijri or 2023 which is sourced from the cost of Hajj travel and the value of benefits.

In the regulation, President Jokowi approved that the cost for regular hajj pilgrims ranges from Rp44.3 million to Rp55.9 million. Each region has different costs, with Aceh province being the cheapest province to perform the hajj, which is Rp44,364,357.26.

Meanwhile, various sources state that the price for Hajj plus is currently around Rp192.1 million to Rp538 million. Of course, the Hajj plus program is much more costly, considering that the program offered is exclusive with very comfortable facilities.

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That is complete information on how to register for Hajj online and offline. truFriends can now register for Hajj easily only through the grasp of a smartphone.

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