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5 Recommendations for Muslimah Women's Tunics, Stylish & Modest


5 Recommendations for Muslimah Women's Tunics, Stylish & Modest

In the world of Muslim fashion, tunics have become one of the most popular and multifunctional fashion choices. Tunics provide comfort, practicality, and elegant style for Muslim women.

This year, the trend of contemporary Muslimah tunics is growing with interesting and modern designs. There are many Muslim women tunics with contemporary and trendy styles that truFriends can wear.

So, what are the recommendations for contemporary Muslimah tunics that can make truFriends look stylish, but still polite? Check out the following list of recommendations to find out more!

What is a Tunic?

Tunics, also known as tunics in English, are clothes that are hip-length to the calf. The design is simple, loose and favored by many Muslim women.

In the past, tunics were also used for men in Ancient Rome. Soldiers, young men, old men, judges, and nobles wore tunics with togas and belts around the waist.

Recommendations for Contemporary Muslimah Tunic Shirts

Here are recommendations for contemporary Muslimah tunics that truFriends can wear for traveling, attending recitation, casual events, or other activities!

truEasy Slit Tunic

truEasy Slit Tunic is the best choice for truFriends who want a casual style tunic that is very comfortable to wear. This tunic contains the latest innovation from L.tru that makes truFriends feel free to move, stay cool, soft, wrinkle-resistant, and dry quickly when washed.

This tunic is perfect for truFriends to wear for various daily activities, even if mixed and matched with the right fashion items can also be used for formal events. Meanwhile, the truEasy Slit Tunic is available in various colors, such as: black, gray, brown, and so on.
2. Tolleson Plain Tunic

The next recommendation for Muslim women's tunic clothes is the Tolleson Plain Tunic which has a triple tone asymmetrical hem design with a combination of matching beige and gray colors. This latest tunic model is perfect for those of you who want to look casual, but still want to look stylish.

This tunic from L.tru can be paired with white pants and hijab. The material uses cotton knitting, so it is lightweight and not transparent when truFrieds wear it.

3. COCHISE Brown Tunic

Another contemporary Muslimah tunic shirt recommendation from L.tru is COCHISE Tunic Brown. This tunic offers an asymmetrical high-low design with elegant satin material. truFriends can look modern and trendy with this tunic.

To add the impression of a modern look, truFriends can combine it with black subordinates and hijab. This look is perfect for truFriends to wear to formal events.

4. ELOY Tunic Denim

truFriends want to look casual but still minimalist? Then, ELOY Tunic Denim is the answer! This tunic uses cotton denim material with a medium thickness, so truFriends can still look cool without overheating.

This tunic has a stylish curve hem design. When combined with gray pants and hijab, it will be very harmonious and can give an elegant minimalist impression!

5. L.tru's Bless Series

For truFriends who are about to go on Hajj and Umrah, it is perfect to wear the Bless Series from L.tru! The tunics available are designed with comfortable and cool materials, which can answer the needs of clothing in the holy land later.

Bless Series from L.tru is also very suitable for truFriends to wear to recitation or other religious activities. Bless Series tunics use a combination of cotton material that is not transparent, lightweight and does not stretch. #StoryOfHoly Land #ComfortableWithLtru #Hajj #Umrah

That's the recommendation for contemporary Muslim women's tunic clothes. With the recommendations above, truFriends can look stylish, but still polite. The tunics above also have comfortable materials, so truFriends don't have to worry about overheating!

truFriends can get a variety of stylish tunics, gamis, inner hijab, pashmina, to women's Hajj and Umrah clothes on the L.tru website right now! truFriends can also visit the nearest L.tru outlet to find out more.

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