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Sa'i Procedure on Shafa and Marwah Hills


Sa'i Procedure on Shafa and Marwah Hills

Shafa and Marwah hills are one of the proofs of the greatness of Allah SWT. These two hills are located close to the Kaaba. The distance between the two is about 450 meters. These two hills are the location of one of the worship activities of the pillars of Hajj and Umrah commonly called Sa'i.

The Sa'i worship is a small walk and run between the two hills which is carried out seven times (back and forth) starting from the hill of Shafa then to the hill of Marwah. These two hills became the history of the struggle of Siti Hajar who was the wife of Prophet Ibrahim AS and the mother of Prophet Ismail AS.

History of Sa'i

This story is the history of the struggle of a mother, namely Siti Hajar who was the wife of Prophet Ibrahim AS.

Prophet Ibrahim AS had two wives, namely Siti Sarah and Siti Hajar. However, when Siti Hajar had a son, namely the Prophet Ismail AS, jealousy arose in Siti Sarah. So, Siti Sarah asked Ibrahim to separate her from Siti Hajar, at that time Prophet Ibrahim lived in Hebron, Palestine.

Then, revelation came down to Prophet Ibrahim so that he together with his wife's children, namely Ismail and Siti Hajar to go to Makkah. At that time, Makkah had no settlements and was only a valley of sand and barren hills and no water.

At that time, Prophet Ibrahim was ordered by Allah SWT to leave his wife and son alone in a very barren desert. Both were provided with food and drink. But the provisions were exhausted. Siti Hajar tried to find water for her thirsty child.

From where they took shelter, Siti Hajar saw a hill, namely Bukit Shafa. She then rushed to look for water towards the top of Bukit Shafa, but she didn't get any. Then she hurried down towards Bukit Marwah, but found nothing. Siti Hajar returned to Bukit Shafa, and returned to Bukit Marwah seven times.

After crossing the two hills seven times, Siti Hajar heard the sound of water gurgling. She then went in the direction of the sound. How surprised she was when she found a heavy jet of water coming out of the ground under the soles of Ismail's feet.

The water was later named Zamzam water. And until now, the water has never receded or dried up. The miracle of the story is now the basis of the Sa'i worship which is currently performed during Umrah and Hajj.

Meaning and Procedure of Sa'i Worship

Sa'i means "walking" or "trying". From the story above, Sa'I worship is carried out to remind humanity to continue to strive and believe that Allah's help is real.

The distance from Shafa Hill to Marwa is about 450 meters and because it is done seven times, each pilgrim will cover a distance of approximately 3 kilometers when carrying out this worship.

The procedures for doing Sa'i are:

1. Climb the hill of Shafa while making dhikr.

2. After arriving at the top of the Shafa hill, you should face the Qibla and dhikr and pray.

3. Then start intending to perform the Sa'i worship.

4. Travel from the hill of Shafa to the hill of Marwah for 7 times the journey accompanied by prayer and dhikr.

That's the procedure and also the history of the hills of Shafa and Marwah which are the pillars of Hajj and Umrah. For truFriends who want to worship the Holy Land, hopefully it can be given ease and smoothness!

To carry out the draining Umrah and Hajj worship certainly requires careful equipment, one of which is in terms of clothing. truFriends can check various clothes to mukena that are comfortable and still fashionable here!

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