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History of Hajar Aswad, Its Specialty and Prayers


History of Hajar Aswad, Its Specialty and Prayers

Hajar Aswad means black stone. The word comes from the Arabic al-Hajarul-Aswad. Muslims believe that this stone came from heaven which initially had a bright light, then gradually became pitch black as it is today.

Hajj or Umrah pilgrims are advised to kiss this stone every tawaf. The position of Hajar Aswad is very easy to find because it is located on the outside of the Kaaba. However, due to the large number of pilgrims who come to Baitullah at any time, this stone is difficult to approach.

So, what makes this stone special? Come on truFriends, let's look at the history, privileges and prayers for kissing Hajar Aswad in the following!

What is Hajar Aswad?
Hajar Aswad means black stone. This stone is so privileged by Muslims in the world. Until now, truFriends will find Hajar Aswad on the side of the Kaaba. Hajj and Umrah pilgrims have a sunnah to wipe or kiss this stone when near the Kaaba.

History of Hajar Aswad
Hajar Aswad has been on the side of the Kaaba even before the time of Islam. This stone was originally given to Prophet Ibrahim AS to fill the empty space when he built the Kaaba. From there, his son, Prophet Ismail AS looked for a stone to cover the empty space.

Prophet Ismail AS is then believed to have met the angel Gabriel who gave him the best black stone (Hajar Aswad). The stone comes from India, where the Prophet Adam AS descended from heaven.

Initially, Hajar Aswad when brought by Prophet Adam AS was bright white. However, over time it became jet black as it is today because of the sins of mankind. This has been explained by the Hadith narrated by At Tirmidhi:

"A black stone came down from heaven and it was whiter than milk, but the sins of Adam's children turned it black," (HR Tirmidzi).

Prophet Ismail AS was very happy to receive the stone. He immediately brought Hajar Aswad to his father. Prophet Ibrahim AS was very happy when he received a piece of Hajar Aswad stone, he kissed it many times, followed by Prophet Ismail AS.

The Hajar Aswad stone in its development has experienced various destructions, thefts, and even soaked in the zam-zam well. However, the attempt failed and Hajar Aswad is still firmly in its position today.

The broken stone of Hajar Aswad due to the damage was re-glued by King Abdul Aziz bin Abdur Rahman Al-Faisal As-Saud on 28 Rabiul Akhir 1351 AH (August 31, 1932) with a circle of silver ribbon.

The specialty of Hajar Aswad
Hajar Aswad is not an ordinary stone, this stone is very special for Muslims. What are the features and interesting facts of this Hajar Aswad stone?

1. Has a distinctive fragrance
The Hajar Aswad stone has a unique natural scent that it has had since the beginning of its existence. Based on several hadith narrations, this stone is believed to come from heaven.

Rasulullah SAW said, "Hajar Aswad comes from heaven,". (HR Ahmad and al-Turmudzi).

2. It was stolen for 22 years
Did truFriends know that Hajar Aswad was once empty from the Kaaba for 22 years? During this period of time, it is known to have been removed by Abu Tahir Al Qarmuthi when he occupied Mecca.

Abu Tahir ordered Ja'far bin Ilaj to remove Hajar Aswad and take it to his country in Bahrain. During that time Hajar Aswad was empty, then returned to its place on 10 Zulhijah 1339 H.

3. The starting point of the tawaf
Hajar Aswad is also the starting point of tawaf. Tawaf is one of a series of Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages in the form of walking around the Kaaba 7 times starting from Hajar Aswad then ending at Maqam Ibrahim.

4. Wiping or kissing it is a Sunnah of the Prophet.
Wiping and kissing Hajar Aswad is a sunnah of the Prophet. Umar bin Khattab once saw the Prophet wiping and kissing Hajar Aswad, as narrated by Bukhari.

"Indeed, I know that you (Hajar Aswad) are only a stone, which provides neither benefit nor harm to me. If I had not seen the Messenger of Allah (SAW) kissing you (Hajar Aswad), then I would also be reluctant to do so." (HR Bukhari)

5. Being a witness in the Last Day for anyone who touches and kisses it
Hajj and Umrah pilgrims who touch and kiss Hajar Aswad directly, later on the Day of Judgment, Allah will bring this stone as a witness for anyone who rubs and kisses it.

This was narrated by Ibn Abbas RA. Rasulullah SAW said: "By Allah, Allah will raise this stone (Hajar Aswad) in the Last Day with eyes and mouth that can speak. As a witness for anyone who wipes and kisses it properly while in the world." (HR Ibn Abbas).

6. Prayer for Seeing, Rubbing & Kissing Hajar Aswad
For truFriends who want to go on Hajj or Umrah, you should learn the prayer when looking at, rubbing, kissing the Hajar Aswad stone. Here is the prayer:

ِسْمِ اللهِ ، وَاللهُ أَكْبَر اللَّهُمَّ إِيمَاناً بِكَ ، وَتَصْدِيقًا بِكِتَابِكَ ، وَوَفَاءً بِعَهْدِكَ ، وَاتِّبَاعاً لِسُنَِ نَبِيّكَ مُحَمَّدٍ صَّى الله عليه وسلم

Bismillâhi wa-Llâhu akbar allâhumma îmânan bika wa tashdîqan bikitâbika wa wafâ'an bi 'ahdika wat tibâ'an li sunnati nabiyyika muhammadin sallallâhu 'alaihi wa sallam.

Meaning: "In the name of Allah, Allah is great. O Allah, while believing in You, confirming Your book, keeping promises to You, and following the sunnah of Your Prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon him)."

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That is complete information about the origin of Hajar Aswad, its specialty, and the prayer when seeing this black stone. Hajar Aswad means a special black stone for Muslims, so it is very important for truFriends to know the ins and outs.

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