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Latest Umrah Rules for 2023, Pilgrims Must Know!


Jemaah melaksanakan ibadah umrah/haji

For truFriends who want to perform Umrah this year, don't forget to read and find out about the latest Umrah rules. So that the Umrah trip from leaving Indonesia to returning can run smoothly.

Not to forget, truFriends must also meet all administrative requirements to be able to leave. So, what are the new Umrah and Hajj rules for 2023? Check the following article to find out the latest Umrah rules and conditions!

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Latest Umrah Rules for 2023
The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah of Saudi Arabia had previously restricted the departure of Hajj and Umrah in each country during the Covid-19 period.

As the situation has gradually returned to normal in 2023, Saudi Arabia has made concessions for Muslims who will visit.

Here are the latest Umrah rules that Indonesian pilgrims need to know:

1. Elimination of mahram requirements
One of the latest regulations that has shocked Muslims in Indonesia the most is the abolition of the mahram requirement for women who perform Umrah. With this, women who are at least 45 years old can travel alone without being accompanied by a male mahram from the family.

This abolition is one of Saudi Arabia's efforts to make it easier for Indonesian women to travel for Umrah. It is known that there are more Indonesian women pilgrims and Umrah pilgrims than men.

2. Visa validity period becomes 90 days
The next good news is that the visa validity period for Indonesian Umrah pilgrims has been extended. From the previous 30 days to 90 days. The government of Saudi Arabia will also make it easier to process visas faster.

3. Elimination of health requirements
There is also relief in the abolition of health requirements for Umrah and Hajj pilgrims from Indonesia. For example, removing the maximum age requirement for pilgrims, which was previously 65 years.

Saudi Arabia has also removed the Covid-19 and meningitis vaccine policies as entry conditions. Please note that during the Covid-19 pandemic, Saudi Arabia limited quotas and provided strict rules for pilgrims from all over the world.

4. No photos or videos of random people
The government of Saudi Arabia emphasized that taking photos and videos of Umrah pilgrims at the Grand Mosque and the Prophet's Mosque needs attention. This includes not showing other people in videos or photos without their permission.

Latest Hajj Rules for 2023
The pilgrimage journey for Indonesian pilgrims in 2023 is scheduled to start on 23 May 2023 or 3 Zulqa'idah 1444H. Pilgrims will depart gradually. So what are the new Hajj regulations this year?

1. The quota for Indonesian pilgrims has increased
In 2023, Indonesia will get the largest quota of pilgrims worldwide. A total of 221,000 pilgrims consisting of 203,320 regular pilgrims, 17,680 special pilgrims and 4,200 for Hajj officers.

2. Health services for pilgrims
The Indonesian government through the Ministry of Health plans to provide 6 Hajj health services during the Hajj.

With this, Indonesian pilgrims will remain healthy and fit during the pilgrimage activities. Here are the details of the service:

Each Hajj group has Hajj Health Workers (TKH) consisting of 1 doctor and 2 nurses
A health promotion team that provides counseling on early detection and specific protection for Indonesian pilgrims
Medical emergency team
Hajj Health Office (KKHI) or health facilities that are observational, outpatient to inpatient
Sanitation and food control team
Drugs and medical supplies team
3. Pay off the pilgrimage fee
Before leaving for Hajj, pilgrims need to pay off the costs of Hajj first. If you have not been able to pay off the expenses for the pilgrimage this year, your departure will be postponed to the following year.

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