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Mukallaf, One of the Obligatory Conditions for Hajj & Umrah


Jemaah haji dan umrah berkumpul

Did truFriends know about the term "mukallaf"? This term is one of the conditions for Muslims in performing their obligatory worship. Mukallaf himself is commonly known as baligh or reaching puberty.

However, that is not the true meaning of Mukallaf. Mukallaf is someone who has reached the age of puberty and has a sound mind. For Muslims who are Mukallaf, then he is obliged to carry out religious obligations and stay away from the prohibitions of Allah SWT.

One of the obligations of worship is Hajj or Umrah. Know one of the conditions for Hajj and Umrah, namely the following Mukallaf!

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Understanding Mukallaf in Islam
Mukallaf (مكلف) is a term in Islamic law that refers to someone who is considered mature and wise enough to understand religious demands and obligations.

In Islam,mukallaf refers to someone who has reached the age of puberty (baligh) and has normal common sense.

Mukallaf has an obligation to fulfill religious demands, such as performing worship, fulfilling social and moral obligations, and complying with sharia laws.

The concept of mukallaf is very important in Islamic law because it determines who is responsible for their actions and will receive rewards or punishments according to their deeds.

Mukallaf Obligations
A Muslim who has Mukallaf, then there are several obligations that must be done. The obligations of a Mukallaf are as follows:

1. Carry out Worship & Commands of Allah SWT
Amukallaf is required to carry out all the commands of Allah SWT, including all the acts of worship explained in the Pillars of Islam. Allah's command recommends that Muslims say the two sentences of the creed, perform prayers, fast, pay zakat, and go on pilgrimage or umrah for those who can afford it.

Hajj itself is one of the best acts of worship, as explained in the hadith narrated by Bukhari, which reads:

"From Abu Hurairah, that Rasulullah SAW was asked: 'What is the most important deed?'. So he replied: 'Faith in Allah and His Messenger,'. Asked again: 'Then what?'. He replied, 'Jihad in the way of Allah,'. Asked again: 'Then what?'. He replied: 'Mabrur Hajj'." (Narrated by Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidhi, Nasai, Ibn Majah).

2. Avoid All Prohibitions
When a Muslim has attained Mukallaf, he will be rewarded for his every deed. Allah SWT through the Qur'an has given various prohibitions to his servant. Some of these prohibitions are for example, adultery, immorality, consuming unclean food and drinks, and so on.

3. Study the teachings of the Prophet
Studying and believing in every teaching of the Prophet is one of the obligations of the mukallaf. The Prophet Muhammad SAW is the best role model for Muslims, so it is sunnah for every Muslim to learn the attitudes, actions, words, and the way Rasulullah SAW lived his life.

Mukallaf Elements
Mukallaf means someone who has been subject to orders and prohibitions in religion. There is an element of truFriends that must be known in order to better understand this term. There are several elements that can make a person said to be a mukallaf, namely:

1. Baligh
Baligh is a physical and psychological condition of a person which marks the achievement of the ability to fully accept the burden. In this case, the woman has had her period, while the man has a wet dream.

2. Reasonable
Reasonable in Islam means being able to distinguish between good and bad actions, so that humans can understand various information. Therefore, people with mental disorders cannot be said to be mulattoes.

3. Enough Age
Every human being who is old enough will bear the burden of obligation in worship. Becoming a mulatto is an important requirement because in carrying out the pilgrimage there are many obligations that must be carried out and fulfilled by every pilgrim.

Some of these obligations include performing tawaf around the Kaaba, performing Sa'i between the hills of Safa and Marwah, throwing Jumrah, and performing Wukuf at Arafah.

In addition to the mukallaf, pilgrims and Umrah pilgrims must meet other requirements, namely: being Muslim, free from slavery, to be financially and physically capable.

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That is information about Mukallaf as a condition for Hajj and Umrah. It can be concluded that Muslims who are mulattoes are obligated to carry out the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages. With this, we hope that truFriends can carry out the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages smoothly.

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