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List of Hajj and Umrah Souvenirs That Can't Be Missed


Ilustrasi penjual oleh-oleh haji dan umrah

The Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages are special moments, therefore as a reminder, usually the pilgrims who have carried out this pilgrimage give gifts or souvenirs to their closest relatives and friends.

For truFriends who plan to buy Hajj souvenirs, now you don't need to worry because there are lots of recommendations that truFriends can provide. Starting from dates, zam-zam water, jewelry, to souvenirs.

Hajj Souvenir Recommendations
Giving gifts to relatives and family after Hajj and Umrah has become a separate tradition in Indonesia. Besides being able to strengthen friendship, giving gifts is also a kindness. Then, what are the recommendations for souvenirs for Hajj and Umrah? Here are the recommendations.

1. Zamzam water
Who doesn't know the purity of this one water, being one of the miracles of Allah SWT, Zamzam water has a spring that never stops until now. Zamzam water itself has three main water sources, namely under the Black Stone, under Mount Abu Qubais Shafa, and under Mount Marwah.

The endless availability of water and its various health benefits make Zamzam water one of the favorite souvenirs for pilgrims and Umrah pilgrims after worshiping in the Holy Land.

2. Perfume
After carrying out the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages, the thing that cannot be missed is buying the original city of Mecca perfume. In contrast to other perfumes, the fragrance oil from Mecca has a distinctive fragrance because it comes from castor oil, to aromatherapy spices.

Apart from having a unique fragrance, of course Arabic perfume cannot be found anywhere else, so it is very suitable to be a souvenir for your closest relatives.

3. Nuts
There are various types of nuts that can be made as souvenirs, such as for example chickpeas and pistachio nuts. Both have a savory taste and of course very crunchy.

The difference lies in its shape, where pistachio nuts have a creamy skin and green flesh while the flesh of chickpeas is yellowish.

Consuming pistachio nuts and chickpeas regularly can maintain health such as heart health, prevent cancer, protect the nervous system and others.

4. Souvenirs
It is the center of Muslim worship, of course it would be incomplete if there were no souvenirs that remind us that we have worshiped in the Holy Land. There are various kinds of souvenirs that truFriends can have or give to those closest to them. Such as necklaces, bracelets, and key chains in the shape of the Kaaba.

In addition to the various shapes and motifs, giving gifts in the form of typical Mecca souvenirs can make truFriends more grateful for having been given the pleasure to visit and worship in the Holy Land.

5. Dates
Even though we often encounter it when the month of Ramadan arrives, there's nothing wrong with truFriends trying fruit from which many trees grow in this area. Apart from that, dates also have various variants, so friends can choose which types of dates can be used as gifts later.

In addition to the list of recommended souvenirs above, there are lots of items to food that can be used as souvenirs for Hajj and Umrah, such as chocolate, honey, cosmetics, to clothes such as abayas.

Those were some of Ltru's recommendations regarding Hajj souvenirs. Hopefully truFriends can quickly make hajj and umroh with your family too.

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