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Definition of Hajj Mabrur, Propositions and Characteristics


Ilustrasi jemaah melakukan ibadah haji

In carrying out the pilgrimage, of course we want that all forms of worship carried out in the Holy City of Makkah are accepted by Allah SWT. This is called Hajj Mabrur.

Hajj mabrur means a good pilgrimage or accepted by Allah SWT. According to the term syar'i, hajj mabrur is a pilgrimage that is carried out in accordance with the instructions of Allah and His Messenger, taking into account various conditions, pillars and obligations and avoiding all forms of His prohibitions.

However, how can Hajj be said to be mabrur? Are there any features that go with it? And are there any conditions? The following is a review of hajj mabrur, truFriends.

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Meaning of Hajj Mabrur
In Arabic, the word 'mabrur' comes from the word "barra-yaburru-barran", which means obedient and filial. According to some scholars, hajj mabrur is a pilgrimage whose reward is accepted by Allah SWT.

In addition, regarding the matter of the reward received by Allah SWT, it relates to the pilgrimage which is not interfered with or tainted by pride in the heart.

In the book Syarhus Suyuthi li Sunan an-Nasa'i by Jalaluddin As-Suyuthi, it is stated that the proof that a person has achieved Hajj Mabrur is when he returns to be a better person than before.

Characteristics of Hajj Mabrur
According to the scholars, the main characteristic of the mabrur pilgrimage is a change in behavior to become more obedient to Allah SWT after performing the pilgrimage. Some of the visible features include:

His mouth is getting awake.
Happy to strengthen friendship and study religion.
Like to pray in congregation and give alms.
His heart is solemn because he always remembers Allah, realizing that he is always under His supervision.
Ikhlas accepts any situation when a Muslim experiences loss, physical or financial problems.
Leaving the sins he used to do before.
Abandon the friendship of bad influences and form the friendship of godly people.
Practicing the practices that are obligatory for a Muslim because he thinks about life in the afterlife.
Proof of Hajj Mabrur
In the hadith of the History of Bukhari, Rasulullah SAW provides an explanation regarding the reward or reward for pilgrims who get the title mabrur.


"There is no reward (which deserves to be given) for hajj mabrur except heaven," (HR Bukhari).

Regarding mabrur, there are many opinions of scholars. First, mabrur pilgrimage is pilgrimage that is not mixed with disobedience, and the word "al-mabrur" is taken from the word al-birr which means obedience.

In other words, hajj mabrur is a pilgrimage that is carried out with full obedience so that it is not mixed with sin. This opinion, according to Muhyiddin Syarf an-Nawawi, is seen as the most valid opinion.

Requirements to Achieve Hajj Mabrur
To be able to achieve hajj mabrur, there are several requirements that must be met in achieving hajj mabrur. These requirements include:

1. Straighten Intentions
To achieve Hajj Mabrur, a Muslim must straighten his intention when performing Hajj. This worship must be done in the form of obedience to religious orders, to fulfill the fifth pillar of Islam. Straight intentions will lead us to reach the goal of pilgrimage. Pilgrims must keep their minds away from riya thoughts and the desire to raise social status during Hajj.

2. Understand the meaning of pillars and obligatory pilgrimage
Achieving mabrur pilgrimage can also be obtained by understanding the philosophy of the pillars of pilgrimage and the obligatory pilgrimage. A Muslim needs to master the readings in each stage of the pilgrimage. By understanding the philosophy and prayer readings, it is hoped that it will help the congregation to be more solemn in carrying out worship in the Holy Land.

3. Focus During Hajj
In performing the pilgrimage, pilgrims must focus their thoughts and energy on performing the pilgrimage solemnly.

We know that there are 6 pillars of Hajj that must be fulfilled, namely: ihram (intention), standing at Arafah, tawaf ifadah, sa'i, tahalul or shaving, and being orderly.

While the obligatory pilgrimage also has 6 items such as: ihram pilgrimage from the miqat, mabit at Muzdalifah, mabit at Mina, throwing the jumrah, avoiding forbidden actions in a state of ihram, and performing thawaf wada' for those who are leaving Mecca. Both the pillars and the obligatory pilgrimage must be fulfilled, because if one of them is not carried out, then the pilgrimage is invalid.

That is complete information about hajj mabrur. Now truFriends already understand how to achieve hajj mabrur right? By understanding how to become a hajj mabrur, we hope that truFriends can solemnly worship in the holy land without carrying feelings of joy in their hearts.

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