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Hajj Savings: Ways, Tips to the Latest Hajj Fees


Ilustrasi tabungan haji.

Hajj is one of the pillars of Islam which is a dream for Muslims to carry out. However, the high cost makes it a separate consideration. Therefore it takes careful preparation to be able to carry out this worship.

Talking about Hajj, this worship can be done by anyone. In fact, many regulations from the Saudi Arabian government have been updated, such as women or Muslim women who are allowed to perform the pilgrimage without a male guardian or mahram. The convenience provided, of course, further increases the interest of Muslims and Muslim women to carry out this worship, even though the younger generation.

However, what needs to be prepared? How much money is needed to carry out this pilgrimage? As well as what tips can be done so that Hajj savings can be collected quickly? Following the review, let's take a look at truFriends!

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Hajj Fees 2023
Along with the times, there have been many changes. One of them is the price increase. The same increase also occurred in the Cost of Hajj Pilgrimage (Bipih). Every year, the Ministry of Religion (Kemenag) and the DPR determine the amount of Hajj Organizer Fees (BPIH) and Hajj Travel Expenses (Bipih) in the DPR's Commission VIII Work Meeting.

At the DPR's Commission VIII Working Committee (Panja) Meeting and the Ministry of Religion on Wednesday (15/2/2023), it was mutually agreed that the Cost of Organizing the Hajj Pilgrimage (BPIH) 1444 H/2023 M averages IDR 90,050,637.26 per congregation Regular Hajj. Where the Hajj Travel Expenses (Bipih) are borne by the congregation with an average of IDR 49,812,700.26 (55.3%) and as much as IDR 40,237,937 (44.7%) is used for the value of benefits per pilgrim which will be managed by the Management Body Hajj Finance (BPKH).

Certainly not a small amount, considering the current average income of the population in Indonesia. However, if truFriends has a strong determination, of course they will be able to find ways to be able to worship in the City of Mecca, one of which is by having a Hajj Savings Account.

Tips for Saving for Hajj
The more prospective pilgrims who want to perform the pilgrimage, the longer the national waiting list will be. The average waiting period can be up to 18 years and each province also has a different haj queue.

Not a short time to become a waiting list for Hajj. Plus, to get a haj quota, truFriends needs to make an initial deposit of at least 25 million rupiah. Therefore, careful financial preparation is needed to carry out this worship. Some tips that truFriends can live by are:

1. Intend to Worship because of Allah SWT
With a unanimous intention, truFriends can begin to solidify its intention to allocate funds for Hajj Savings which will be created later. Apart from that, in Islam it is also explained that when we have good intentions, the rewards will also flow, so there is no doubt for truFriends to start making intentions.

2. Saving with a Fixed Amount
Apart from setting aside income for savings, truFriends must also be consistent both in saving and also determining the amount. truFriends also needs to prioritize funds allocated for Hajj Savings after receiving a salary or income. In this way, truFiends has made the intention of the pilgrimage to go well.

3. Open Hajj Savings
truFriends can also take advantage of the Hajj Savings services available at various banks in Indonesia, so that finances can be secured. After the savings are collected, truFriends can open a Hajj Savings Account at the Ministry of Religion of each city or district based on domicile, or a bank to secure the haj departure quota.

Benefits of Hajj Savings
The large amount of money to go to the Holy Land will certainly make it difficult for truFriends who want to save for Hajj. Therefore, it is highly recommended to save at the bank.

There have been many pilgrims who choose to save their own. There are various advantages that truFriends can experience when they have Hajj savings at a local bank, including:

Integrated in the Integrated Hajj Computerized System.
(SISKOHAT) Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia.
Savings funds will be stored more safely.
There is a reminder regarding the nominal savings fund. Both funds that have almost reached the nominal, or funds that have not been paid before.

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Comfortable Hajj and Umrah Clothing for Women
So, for truFriends who want to go to the Holy Land, there is a complete collection of comfortable women's Hajj and Umrah clothes! This series of collections already contains robe sets or tunic and pants sets, hajj bergo, inner hijab, prayer cuffs, and socks in one bag. Very diverse isn't it?

With this complete collection, truFriends can perform Hajj or Umrah comfortably and practically. Get the Bless Series L.tru series collection now

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