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Don't Choose Wrongly, Here Are Tips for Choosing Umrah and Hajj Travel


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The increasing number of Muslims who want to carry out worship in the Holy Land, the more Umrah and Hajj travel services that provide various travel packages that make it easier for you to go to Mecca.The increasing number of Muslims who want to carry out worship in the Holy Land, the more Umrah and Hajj travel services that provide various travel packages that make it easier for you to go to Mecca.
In fact, many Umrah travel agencies offer packages for worship as well as travel, for example to Turkey. Apart from that, the bureau that organizes the Umrah pilgrimage will also take care of all the needs of the prospective Umrah pilgrims, such as visas, airplane tickets, hotels, transportation and consumption. Don't forget the assistance services to accompany the Umrah pilgrimage in Mecca.
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Tips for Choosing Umrah and Hajj TravelThe availability of many Umrah travel agents certainly makes it easier for us to choose a travel agency that suits our needs. However, truFriends also needs to be aware of the many frauds in the name of umroh travel. Some tips on choosing Umrah travel include:
1. Choose Travel Registered at the Ministry of ReligionIt is better for truFriends to choose a travel agent that is registered with the Ministry of Religion. This is because travel agents who have been registered with the Ministry of Religion are certain to have high credibility. There are many requirements that must be met by travel agents in order to be registered with the Ministry of Religion.
So you can be sure that the credibility of travel agents under the auspices of the Ministry of Religion is guaranteed, truFriends can check and select the list of Umrah travel agents registered with the Ministry of Religion on this website: PPIU Ministry of Religion.
2. Dig Information about the Travel AgentMake sure before choosing, truFriends must check various information about the travel agent. Starting from where the office is, track record during establishing the travel, to the facilities offered.
truFriends can also ask relatives or Umrah pilgrims who have used this travel. That way, truFriends can make up their mind to choose the travel agent that they want.
3. Don't be tempted by cheap pricesThere have been many victims of fraud under the guise of umroh travel because the prices offered by fraud agents are below the market compared to other travel agents.
The price is cheap but offers first-class facilities on the next trip, of course it's very tempting right? However, in reality, for various reasons, they did not depart, aka fraud occurred. So, make sure truFriends checks first, you can start by checking the payment method.
An official travel agent will use an account in the name of the company, not in a personal name. In addition, official travel will also be open regarding what facilities are obtained.
Those were some tips for truFriends who want to choose a travel agent to worship in the Holy Land. May we all always be avoided from evil.
Tips for Hajj and Umrah WorshipAfter knowing a few tips, the next thing that should not be missed is preparing for departure. Here are some Umrah and Hajj tips that truFriends can do.
1. Physical preparationUmrah and Hajj are quite tiring acts of worship, there are many pillars of Hajj and Umrah that require good physical strength and stamina. One of them is Sa'i, which is a trip from Shafa Hill to Marwah back and forth 7 times.
So truFriends need to prepare themselves by exercising and improving their diet until they finally arrive in the Holy Land.
2. Document PreparationDocuments are important assets that should not be missed. So make sure to double-check all the documents, both the identity and the tickets you need when you get there.
3. Find information about Mecca, Umrah and HajjToday's developments make it easier for us to find various available information, including regarding the Umrah and Hajj pilgrimages.
truFriends can start to find out starting from the weather in the city of Mecca, then you can also check the temperature there so that you have an idea and can adjust what clothes and necessities you need to bring.
Apart from that, truFriends can also start checking the required prayer books, to various activities that people usually do while there. That way, truFriends can prepare everything carefully.
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Comfortable Hajj and Umrah Clothing for WomenThose were some tips that truFriends can do when they want to perform Umrah and Hajj. Hopefully truFriends can visit the Holy Land soon! Both Hajj and Umrah must be carried out with full obedience to Allah SWT.
So, for truFriends who want to go to the Holy Land, there is a complete collection of hajj and umrah clothing for women! This series of collections already contains robe sets or tunic and pants sets, hajj bergo, inner hijab, prayer cuffs, and socks in one bag. Very interesting isn't it?
With this collection, truFriends can carry out Hajj or Umrah comfortably and of course still be stylish. Get some cole

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