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History of Qurban of Prophet Adam AS and Prophet Muhammad SAW


Ilustrasi Sejarah Qurban

The history of Qurban is identical to the story of Prophet Ibrahim AS which is then immortalized as Eid al-Adha. Qurban is always performed on the 10th of Dhu'l-Hijja until the 13th of Dhu'l-Hijja.

Apparently, before the events of Prophet Ibrahim AS and Prophet Ismail As, the Prophets including Prophet Adam AS had been ordered by Allah SWT to carry out qurban through Allah's revelation.

Carrying out qurban worship, namely slaughtering livestock, is one way of believing in Allah SWT, in the form of a form of submission as well as a sign of devotion to His servants and to get closer to Allah SWT.

History of Qurban of the Prophets

1. History of Qurban of Prophet Adam AS

It was told when Prophet Adam and Eve were blessed with twins, Habil and Labuda, and Qabil and Iqlima. To continue their descendants, Allah SWT ordered them to marry their siblings but it must be with a brother who is not a twin pair (crossing), Qabil with Lubuda and Habil with Iqlima.

Allah swt then ordered them to sacrifice as a condition of marriage. Whose sacrifice is acceptable to Allah, then he is the one who has the right to determine who to marry.

Unfortunately, Qabil's Qurban was not accepted by Allah swt so that it made him angry and wanted to kill Habil, as found in the word of Allah in Surah Al-Maidah verse 27:

"Tell them (Muhammad) the story of the two sons of Adam (Habil and Qabil) according to the truth, when they offered a sacrifice, it was accepted from one of them (Habil) and not accepted from the other (Qabil). He said (Qabil): "I will surely kill you!". Abel said: "Verily, Allah accepts only the sacrifices of the righteous". (QS. Al-Maidah: 27)

From the story that has been told, a lesson can be learned that we as Muslims should obey the commands of Allah SWT and continue to try to continue to accept destiny by hoping for the pleasure of Allah SWT.

2. History of Qurban of Prophet Muhammad SAW

During the Prophet Muhammad's era, Allah also commanded him to perform qurban in the Quran.

"So offer prayer for the sake of your Lord, and sacrifice." (QS Al Kautsar: 3)

The Prophet Muhammad SAW also performed qurban where he sacrificed two white goats with large horns according to the narration of Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim.

Not only that, during the Wada Hajj in Mina, the Prophet Muhammad SAW sacrificed as many as 100 camels and most of the Prophet himself slaughtered then continued by Ali bin Abu Talib.

Exemplifying the History of Qurbani from the Story of the Prophet

From the exemplary stories of the Prophets, there are so many lessons that we can take, including learning to be sincere and becoming a more obedient servant to the Creator.

The story of Prophet Ibrahim AS who was ordered to slaughter his favorite son, Prophet Ismail AS was not an easy thing. But because of his obedience to God's commands and also his sincerity because everything belongs to God, Prophet Ibrahim still carried out the orders of Allah swt.

This is stated in Surah As-Saffat: 104-107

"Then We called him, O Ibrahim! Indeed, you have confirmed the dream. Indeed, thus We reward those who do good. Surely this is a real test. And We redeemed the child with a great sacrifice." (Q.S. As-Saffat [37]: 104-107).

Then continued again regarding the command to sacrifice by Allah swt in Surah Al-Hajj verse 34

"And for every people we have prescribed slaughter (sacrifice), that they may mention the name of Allah for the sustenance which Allah has given them in the form of livestock. So your Lord is One Lord, so submit yourselves to Him. And convey (Muhammad) the good news to those who submit to Allah." (Al-Hajj verse 34).

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