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Islamic New Year, Its History & Meaning for Muslims


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Islamic New Year 1445 H falls on July 19, 2023. The Islamic or Hijriyah new year is marked by the start of the 1 Muharram or One Suro calendar.

The Islamic New Year is an important moment in the history of Muslims around the world. But the meaning of the Islamic New Year itself needs truFriends to know. There may still be some people who do not know about the Islamic New Year, its history and meaning.

So what is the Islamic New Year, its history and meaning for Muslims? Find out more in this article.

Definition of Islamic New Year

The Hijriyah new year, also known as the Islamic new year, refers to the new year in the Hijriyah calendar. The Hijri calendar is the calendar used in the religion of Islam. The Hijriyah new year or Islamic new year is one of the important moments for Muslims around the world.

Unlike the calendar system in the Gregorian calendar that is commonly used today, the Hijri calendar has a different calendar system. The dating system in the Islamic calendar is determined based on the lunar cycle.

History of Islamic New Year

The definition of the Hijri new year is known. Now let's discuss the history of the Hijri new year and the beginning of the establishment of the Hijri calendar as the Islamic calendar.

The history of the establishment of the Islamic New Year or the beginning of the Hijri calendar can be traced back to the hijrah of the Prophet Muhammad SAW from Mecca to Medina. The event is one of the important moments in Islamic history that occurred in 622 AD. That day was designated as the first day of the Hijri calendar, known as 1 Muharram 1 Hijriyah.

The history of determining the beginning of the Hijri calendar as the beginning of the Hijri year is inseparable from the role of Caliph Umar bin Khattab. Reporting from the official website of Al Ain University, Caliph Umar bin Khattab initiated the determination of the beginning of the Islamic new year with the approval of Usman bin Affan and Ali bin Abi Talib.

The use of the Hijri calendar as the starting moment of the Islamic calendar began with the establishment of 622 AD (the year of the Prophet Muhammad's migration) as the first year of the Hijri calendar. At the time, this was in the 17th year after the hijra or about 3-4 years after the leadership of Caliph Umar bin Khattab.

The purpose of celebrating the Islamic New Year

The following are the purposes of commemorating the Islamic New Year or Hijriyah New Year, as follows:

Remembering the Hijrah
The Islamic New Year commemorates the Prophet Muhammad's migration from Mecca to Medina. By celebrating this new year, Muslims honor and remember this important moment in the history of Islam.

Strengthening Muslim Identity
The celebration of the Hijri new year helps Muslims to strengthen and reinforce their religious identity. It provides an opportunity to reflect on Islamic values, deepen religious understanding, and strengthen bonds between fellow Muslims.

Reviving the Sunnah of the Prophet
Commemorating the Islamic New Year is one way for Muslims to live the sunnah or actions exemplified by the Prophet Muhammad. As people who follow in the footsteps of the Prophet, the celebration of the Hijri new year is an opportunity to follow his sunnah in commemorating and honoring the hijra event.

A Moment of Awareness and Reflection
The Hijri new year also provides an opportunity for Muslims to do introspection and self-reflection. It is a time to evaluate deeds, improve the quality of faith and worship, and set goals and self-improvement for the coming year.

Muslim Unity
The celebration of the Islamic New Year brings Muslims from different cultural, ethnic and geographical backgrounds together in unity. It is a moment that reminds them that they are part of a larger ummah and support each other in devotion to Allah SWT.

Thus, commemorating the Islamic New Year has goals that include honoring the history and important events in Islam, strengthening religious identity, following the Prophet's sunnah, personal reflection, and strengthening Muslim unity.

Islamic New Year Activities
If truFriends and family don't have plans to celebrate the Islamic New Year, here are four Islamic New Year 2023 activities that can be held.

Prayer Together
On the eve of the Islamic New Year, the tradition of communal prayer can be practiced. As in previous years, there are special prayers offered to close and start the new year. Quoting the NU Online page, through the scholar Uthman bin Yahya in his book Maslakul Akhyar wrote the memorization of the year-end prayer which reads as follows:

“Allahumma ma ‘amiltu min ‘amalin fî hadzihi sanati ma nahaitani ‘anhu, wa lam atub minhu, wa hamalta fîha ‘alayya bi fadhlika ba‘da qudratika ‘ala ‘uqubati, wa da‘autani ilat taubati min ba‘di jara’ati ‘ala ma‘shiyatik." 

"Fa inni astaghfiruka, faghfirli wa ma ‘amiltu fîha mimma tardha, wa wa‘attanî ‘alaihits tsawaba, fa’as’aluka an tataqabbala minni wa la taqtha‘ raja’î minka ya karîm."

Not only that, truFriends can also read the following prayers for the beginning of the year:

"Allahumma antal abadiyyul qadimul awwal. Wa ‘ala fadhlikal ‘azhimi wa karimi judikal mu‘awwal. Hadza ‘amun jadidun qad aqbal."

"As’alukal ‘ishmata fîhi minas syaithani wa auliya’ih, wal ‘auna ‘ala hadzihin nafsil ammarati bis su’i, wal isytighala bima yuqarribuni ilaika zulfa, ya dzal jalali wal ikram."

Grave Pilgrimage
After praying together on the eve of the Islamic New Year, in the morning a grave pilgrimage can be made to the graves of deceased relatives. The grave pilgrimage also serves as a reminder that one day all creatures will return to the arms of the Almighty.

Islamic Boarding School
Islamic boarding school activities can be geared towards children. It can be organized by mosque congregations or schools. 

In addition to fostering a love for Islam, flash Islamic boarding schools are also useful for introducing religion in a fun way. There are various activities that can be carried out during a crash course, including tadarus, eating together, and various competitions.

Trade or Open a New Business
There is nothing wrong with opening a business in the Islamic New Year. The many activities carried out by Muslims at the beginning of the month of Muharram can be a source of income for traders.

The Prophet also taught that one of the doors to great sustenance is through trading. There are several types of businesses that can be run either permanently or seasonally, such as selling Muslim clothing or providing special food for events related to the Islamic New Year.

Starting the Islamic New Year with a New Style

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