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The Stages of Hajj Health Manasik in the Quran


The Stages of Hajj Health Manasik in the Quran

The stages of Hajj health rituals are important activities before the pilgrims carry out worship in the City of Mecca. Before carrying out Umrah and Hajj, prospective pilgrims must undergo various examination procedures, one of which is from the health aspect.

In the process of Hajj health manasik services, pilgrims will be coached on matters related to health during the departure period, the continuity of worship, until the return of the congregation from the Holy Land.

This activity actually aims to minimize pilgrims who have unhealthy physical conditions while performing the Hajj. As truFriends know, a series of Hajj pilgrimages rely heavily on physical and spiritual health. Therefore, through this Hajj manasik health check program, it is hoped that the congregation will be able to carry out worship with qualified health conditions.

Health Stages of Hajj Manasik

In accordance with the Minister of Health Regulation No. 15/2016, regarding health istithaah (the ability of pilgrims' health to perform a series of pillars of Hajj). There are three stages that will determine whether prospective pilgrims can perform the Hajj or not, including:

  1. First Stage

    The pilgrims will be examined first before finally being diagnosed to be divided into two categories, namely prospective pilgrims with high health risks (risti) and prospective pilgrims with no high health risks (non risti).

    The implementer of this first stage program is the district and city Hajj health organizers. After that, the pilgrims will be given a health coaching program aimed at improving their health ahead of the second stage of the examination.

  2.  Second Stage

    At this stage, the examination is still carried out at the city and district Hajj health organizers. This second stage is the stage that determines whether or not the pilgrims can perform the Hajj pilgrimage. The examination time at this stage is no later than three months before the departure of the prospective pilgrims.

    After undergoing all stages of Hajj health rituals, prospective pilgrims will be divided into several categories, namely:

    Meet the requirements for pilgrims' health istithaah.
    Meet the health requirements of pilgrims with assistance.
    Does not meet the health requirements of temporary pilgrims.
    Does not meet the requirements of pilgrim health istithaah.
    Of the four categories above, only category 1, 2, and 3 pilgrims will be given the opportunity to make payments and will later enter the dormitory and carry out the meningitis vaccine. Unfortunately, category 4 pilgrims will not continue the hajj departure process.
  3. Third Stage

    In this last stage, the pilgrims will be carried out together with the Embarkation Hajj Organizing Committee (PPIH) in the field of health. This final examination is carried out to determine whether or not the pilgrims can make the flight to the Holy Land in accordance with international aviation safety standards.

    Quranic Verses on Hajj Health Manasik

    All the activities and pillars of Hajj require good physical and mental health. Such as Tawaf, Sa'i by walking between the hills of Shafa and Marwah, to worship in the field of Arafat. Therefore, it is mentioned in the Quran how Allah SWT supports the Hajj Health Manasik process.

    The following verse discusses the Hajj Health Manasik in the Quran letter Al-Baqarah (128):

    "Our Lord, make us two people who obey You and (make) among our children and grandchildren a people who obey You and show us the manners (of performing) our Hajj, and accept our repentance. Indeed, You are the Most Receptive of repentance, the Most Merciful.

    The verse explains how to perform Hajj rituals, which is in line with the purpose of Hajj Health Manasik, which is to increase the understanding of pilgrims about health.

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