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Step by Step Implementation of Furoda Hajj


Langkah Demi Langkah Pelaksanaan Haji Furoda

Being able to perform the Hajj pilgrimage is a dream for Muslims. But to go for Hajj, prospective pilgrims often have to wait for years. This is the specialty of Hajj Furoda which is a type of Hajj program without a queue. Check out the full explanation below, truFriends!

Hajj Furoda is a special form of Hajj service that is different from other types of Hajj services. In Haji Furoda, truFriends will have the opportunity to perform Hajj at the invitation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with guaranteed comfort facilities.

Why is Hajj Furoda an attractive option? Because this Hajj service makes it easy for pilgrims to depart for Hajj in the year that will take place. In short, Hajj Furoda is Hajj without queuing. Hajj Furoda is also the most luxurious access program compared to other programs. Although, to join this program, prospective pilgrims need to spend more.

Definition of Furoda Hajj

Furoda Hajj is a Hajj program that receives a special quota from the government of Saudi Arabia. This type of Hajj service is legally legal and its implementation has been regulated in Law No. 8 of 2019 concerning the implementation of Hajj and Umrah. So truFriends don't need to worry about dealing with legal authorities regarding licensing and legality.

As mentioned earlier, Hajj Furoda is Hajj without queuing. This is because Hajj Furoda is a Hajj service that gets visas directly from the Saudi Arabian government. So Hajj Furoda is a non-quota Hajj service that allows a pilgrim to perform Hajj directly that year.

This is of course very different from the Regular Hajj service which has a very long waiting list of decades and Hajj Plus which has a relatively faster queue but still has an annual period (around 5-9 years). This is inseparable from the country's quota system. Meanwhile, Mujamalah Hajj or Furoda Hajj does not use the state quota.

Ruling on Furoda Hajj

Hajj Furoda is a legal and official Hajj service, as formalized by the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs. Hajj Furoda is a quota limit given by the Saudi Arabian government to other countries, for pilgrims who want to leave for Hajj without having to wait in line.

Hajj Furoda is organized by travel agencies that are licensed to provide this type of Hajj service and registered by the Ministry of Religious Affairs as Special Hajj Organizers (PIHK). The legal provisions regarding Hajj Furoda are regulated in Articles 17 and 18 in Law Number 8 of 2019 concerning Hajj and Umrah.

Furoda Hajj Service provides 3 benefits that can be obtained by prospective pilgrims, namely:

Special Visa: Furoda Hajj services use a Hajj Mujamalah visa or Furoda Hajj visa from the government of Saudi Arabia. The type of visa used is an official visa and is registered in the Saudi Arabian government's e-Hajj system as a pilgrim.
Fast Departure Time: Without having to wait in long queues for years. Prospective pilgrims can immediately depart in the year they register.
Comfortable and Complete Facilities: The facilities provided while in the Holy Land are very comfortable and complete, such as getting priority services, 5-star lodging, VIP class accommodation, and so on.

In Islamic law, the furoda Hajj is legal, because the pilgrimage is at your own expense and is legal because it is in cooperation with the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs and the government of Saudi Arabia.

How to Register for Hajj Furoda

How to register to be a Furoda Hajj pilgrim? Check out the following explanation, so that you understand and truFriends are not wrong to do it:

Contact a travel agent who is a Special Hajj Pilgrimage Organizer (PIHK), or travel that has a permit with the Indonesian Ministry of Religion specifically for official Hajj Furoda visas or can be seen through the Hajj Pintar application which can be downloaded through the Play Store and App Store.
Complete the documents that have been determined by the PIHK and travel agents who cooperate with the Indonesian Ministry of Religion.
Once the documents are completed, truFriends will pay the Furoda Hajj fee through the bank, according to the price offered.
The PIHK or travel agent will conduct verification at the Ministry of Religious Affairs office.
Then truFriends will wait until the visa is issued by the Saudi Arabian government.
After obtaining a visa from the Saudi Arabian government, truFriends can depart for Hajj according to a predetermined schedule.

The costs incurred for Hajj Furoda are much more expensive than Hajj Plus and are increasing year by year. In 2020 the cost of Hajj Furoda is around 231 million, in 2022 it is around 350 million and in 2023 it reaches 435 million. The departure fee for Hajj Furoda is not regulated by the Indonesian government, so it can change at any time.

Furoda Hajj Procedure

After obtaining a visa from the Saudi Arabian government, the pilgrims can leave for Hajj without waiting in line. The procedure for performing Furoda Hajj is the same as performing Hajj in general. The difference is that the facilities for lodging and accommodation provided are different. The facilities for Hajj Furoda are known to be more luxurious than Hajj Plus.

Is Hajj Furoda Legal?

Basically, Hajj Furoda is a legal and official Hajj service that has been recognized by the Indonesian Ministry of Religion. truFriends can register through travel agents who have collaborated with the Indonesian Ministry of Religion or PIHK.

For travel agents who do not have a license from the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs, offering Furoda Hajj services is illegal. The Saudi Arabian government has the authority to repatriate pilgrims who use unlicensed travel agents and do not cooperate with the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs.

Therefore, truFriends who are interested in performing Hajj through the Furoda Hajj service need to find a truly trusted organizer so that there are no problems later.

That's the explanation about Hajj Furoda that you need to know. If truFriends want to perform Hajj immediately without having to wait in line, Hajj Furoda can be the solution.

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