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Recommendations for Good and Comfortable Hijab Materials


Ilustrasi Hijab Instan

A good hijab material is one of the things that makes truFriends comfortable wearing hijab all day long, right?  However, not all hijab materials are suitable for every Muslimah.

Good hijab material will certainly make truFriends more comfortable wearing the hijab so that it will increase self-confidence in terms of appearance.

Therefore, truFriends need to choose the hijab material that suits what truFriends want, because each hijab fabric has different characteristics with its own advantages.

Good Hijab Material

Here are some recommendations for hijab materials that truFriends can use for daily activities.

T-shirt Material
Jilbab, which has long been a trend in Indonesia, is still a favorite material for Muslim women, especially for trueFriends who have busy activities, because the t-shirt material is easy to absorb and does not wrinkle easily.

As is the case with this L.tru - truEasy Neyrins Long Instant product from Ltru. The lightweight material and also the soft texture make this hijab very comfortable to use for daily activities to exercise.

Polly Cotton 
This hijab material which is a combination of cotton and polyter is very popular lately. It has a lightweight texture and does not wrinkle easily, making this hijab material perfect for those of you who want to look fashionable but still comfortable.

Similar to this Capuchon Loose Cream product from Ltru. This instant veil that can be worn immediately without using a needle, can be trueFriends mix & match for casual and formal looks.

It has the characteristics of a lightweight and falling material, besides that the ceruti material is also easy to manage so it is perfect for TrueFriends who don't want to bother fixing their hijab.

One of the headscarves made from ceruti is L.tru - Square Basic, its elegant appearance makes trueFriends look very elegant and fashionable. Can be worn for formal events or to hang out with friends.

It is a hijab material that does not wrinkle easily and is lightweight. This material is perfect for trueFriends who want practical hijab. Usually used for instant hijab, one of which is Instant Long Capuchon from Ltru.

Suitable for all face shapes, this instant hijab can be worn without even using a needle. This hijab is also not transparent, and can be used with an inner or not so it is very practical, right?

Good and Comfortable Hijab Material
Those are some types of hijab materials that we often encounter everyday. Now for those of you who want to look stylish and comfortable, Ltru is the solution!

truEasy is the latest material innovation from L.tru to answer the problems of #ltrufriends who need materials that are comfortable for everyday use.

In addition, the bless series with various collections containing gamis sets or tunic and pants sets, bergo hajj, inner hijab, prayer cuffs, and socks in one practical bag that you can get at L.tru.

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