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Terms and Conditions for Umrah and Hajj Passports


Ilustrasi Paspor

Processing a passport can be daunting for Indonesians. However, if you do it according to the requirements requested by the Directorate General of Immigration, everything will go smoothly.

truFriends need to ensure that all citizenship administrative documents need to be prepared before leaving, so that in the holy land nothing untoward happens. In addition to the passport, the document that needs to be prepared by prospective Hajj and Umrah pilgrims is a visa.

So, what are the requirements and how to apply for an Umrah and Hajj passport? truFriends should refer to the following article to find out how!

Passport Requirements for Umrah / Hajj

Quoted from the Indonesian immigration page, here are the requirements for applying for a passport for Umrah or Hajj:

1. A valid identity card (KTP) or a certificate of moving abroad.

2. Family card (KK).

3. Documents in the form of birth certificate, marriage certificate, marriage book, or diploma*

4. Indonesian citizenship letter for Foreigners who obtain Indonesian citizenship or submission of a statement to choose citizenship in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations.

5. Letter of determination of name change (for those who have changed their name) from the authorized official.

6. Old ordinary passport for those who already have an ordinary passport.

7. A letter of recommendation from the head of the Ministry of Religious Affairs Office in the local district/city.

truFriends must fill out the form correctly. Name, place and date of birth and parents' names must also be listed. If not, truFriends need to attach a certificate from the authorized agency.

How to apply for a passport for Umrah/Hajj

To register for Umrah and Hajj passports is very easy. truFriends need to register through the M-Passport application which can be downloaded through the App Store or Google Play. You can apply manually in the following ways.

1. Fill in the data on the application provided at the application counter and attach the required documents.

2. Wait for an Immigration Officer to check the required documents.

3. Receive an application receipt and payment code from the Immigration Officer once the required documents have been declared complete.

4. If the required documents are declared incomplete, accept the application documents returned by the Immigration Officer. The application is considered withdrawn.

Passport Approval Process

Here is the passport approval process at the Immigration Office that truFriends must undergo, namely:

1. Checking the completeness and validity of the requirements

First, truFriends provide the forms and documents requested by the Immigration office. Remember, do not enter the wrong name and date of birth. truFriends must also check the completeness of the requested documents.

2. Passport fee payment

Next, truFriends pay the passport application fee. To make a passport there are fees that need to be met. Of course, each immigration office is different, but generally the following:

48-page non-electronic regular passport: IDR350,000
48-page electronic regular passport: IDR 650,000
Passport expedited service and completed on the same day: Rp1,000,000

3. Taking photos and fingerprints

Then, truFriends will be asked to take biometric data in the form of fingerprints and personal photos. Also keep in mind, passport photos must use collared clothes and avoid white colors. Wear shoes to show a neat impression.

4. Interview

At this stage, truFriends will be asked by immigration officers regarding the purpose of making a passport. Make sure truFriends answer as honestly as possible that making this passport is to go to Umrah or Hajj. Because usually the officer will ask about the destination country, tourist destination, and estimated departure.

5. Verification

Furthermore, immigration officers will verify the forms and data that have been submitted by the passport applicant. The completion time varies, it can be as fast as 1 day or as long as 4 days or a week.

That is the process of making a passport for Hajj and Umrah. Make sure truFriends fill in correctly and check the passport application form again so that no errors occur.

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