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Here Are Various Models of Contemporary and Fashionable Women's Blouses!


Blouse L.tru

Surely all women want to appear more fashionable. Especially considering that there are so many models of clothes of many types and of course adapted to the body shape of Indonesian women.Surely all women want to appear more fashionable. Especially considering that there are so many models of clothes of many types and of course adapted to the body shape of Indonesian women.
One of the clothes that is always popular with women is a top in the form of a blouse. Besides being comfortable, the appearance is also suitable for various events. It can be worn as a casual or formal outfit. truFriends can also add various clothing accessories such as belts to add to the elegant impression.
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Contemporary Women's BlouseSo, here are some recommendations for women's blouses that can be an inspiration for truFriends.
1. Thatcher Blouse
The first recommendation for truFriends who like to wear casual clothes. This blouse model is suitable as a reference. Made of non-transparent poly cotton with a collar accent and gingham detail on the left side, it makes a unique look.
This Thatcher Blouse is perfect for truFriends who want to hangout or go to semi-formal events. truFriends can mix and match this shirt with various bottoms such as pleats skirts, denim pants, or other types of bottoms that suit truFriends' needs.
2. TruEasy Blouse BasicWant to look simple but still elegant? Then this TruEasy Blouse Basic is very suitable to wear. Using a material that doesn't stretch easily, namely trueEasy t-shirt material which is an innovation material from L.tru, has a cooling feature so it is very comfortable to use for daily activities.
truFriends can also mix and match with various bottoms such as denim pants, palazzo pants or skirts that make truFriends look even more elegant. The bottom cut is oval with a longer back, so it is more closed, safe and comfortable.
3. Oversized Mercier BlouseMercier Blouse Oversize is perfect for truFriends who like relaxed and casual oversized clothing. By using Lacoste T-shirt material, this blouse can be an option for doing daily activities or for going to the office. Not only that, this blouse can also be used for breastfeeding mothers because there are buttons on the front of the blouse.
This Mercier blouse has a simple but elegant model. truFriends can easily mix and match with skirts or basic pants. And for the hijab, truFriends can choose a contrasting color so that the look isn't monotonous.
4. Fiore Blouse PlainThe last blouse recommendation is specifically for truFriends who like satin clothes. The glamorous impression is obtained from the shiny satin material coupled with the list line detail accent on the front of the blouse and the unique shape of the cuffs, making it a statement in itself.
Mix and match the Fiore Blouse Plain with subordinates such as straight pants or maxi skirts in neutral or contrasting colors, for a look that can be worn to formal or semi-formal events.
How to Choose a Contemporary Women's Blouse ModelEvery woman has her own way to shine, one of which is to wear clothes that suit her character. So, here are some tips for trueFriends to choose a blouse or other clothes.
1. Pay attention to the color of the clothestruFriends must know the basic color of truFriend's own skin before finally deciding to buy a blouse or other clothing.
2. Pay attention to the Motives of the ClothestruFriends also need to check their own body type, because clothing patterns greatly affect the wearer's body shape, truFriends.
3. Find Appropriate Clothing AccessoriesSome people choose not to use clothing accessories to add an elegant impression. But there are also types of displays that should add clothing accessories so they don't look monotonous.
So truFriends must also pay attention to what accessories are suitable for truFriends to wear, such as belts.
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Those are the current fashionable blouse models and how to choose a suitable blouse for truFriends. Find more Muslim tops, one set clothes, Muslim dresses, outerwear and other Muslim clothing only on the L.tru website!

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