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What is Hajj Plus? What is the Cost and Waiting Period?


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In Indonesia, there are several types of Hajj service programs available. Among them are pilgrimage furoda, pilgrimage regular and pilgrimage plus.In Indonesia, there are several types of Hajj service programs available. Among them are pilgrimage furoda, pilgrimage regular and pilgrimage plus.
However, what exactly is meant by Hajj plus? This question often arises from people who are planning to perform the pilgrimage or are not even familiar with the term.
In order to get a better understanding, the following will explain what Hajj plus means.
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What is Hajj Plus?Hajj plus is a Hajj program offered in Indonesia with additional services and facilities that go beyond the regular Hajj program.
Hajj plus, also known as Hajj Fees (ONH) Plus, are Hajj quotas offered by the government at a higher cost compared to regular Hajj. This higher cost is because Hajj Plus has a relatively shorter waiting time, which is around 5-9 years.
This program provides a more complete and varied package, such as better accommodation, comfortable transportation, tourist visits, and other additional services.
Hajj plus allows pilgrims to optimize their pilgrimage experience with extra comfort and the opportunity to explore interesting places around Mecca and Medina during the Hajj period. Then how much it costs to take part in this pilgrimage plus.
Hajj Plus Fees 2023When compared with regular Hajj, Hajj Plus has a higher cost. Hajj plus costs can reach hundreds of millions of rupiah. The factor that makes Hajj Plus more expensive is because of the additional facilities provided.
Currently, the cost of Hajj Plus is around USD 11,000 or the equivalent of around 164 million rupiah. Then the waiting period for Hajj Plus is usually around 5-9 years. Then how do you register for Hajj Plus?
Tips Before Registering for Hajj PlusHajj plus is held and managed by private parties, such as PIHK (Special Hajj Organizers), which have official permits. One of the advantages of Hajj Plus is the shorter waiting time for departure.
If the regular pilgrimage takes up to 18 years, the plus pilgrimage only takes 4–7 years. The hotels provided are usually located closer to the Grand Mosque. However, before deciding to choose Hajj Plus, here are tips before registering for Hajj Plus on trusted travel agents:
Make sure that PIKH travel agents and agents have official licenses and are registered with the Ministry of Religion. truFriends can ask directly to officers at the Office of the Ministry of Religion or check through the official website of the Ministry of Religion.Look for testimonials and ask family or people who have used the Hajj travel services.Make sure that the facilities offered are in accordance with the costs incurred. Don't be tempted by cheap prices. If the travel agent is professional, they will transparently convey facilities and details of costs to prospective pilgrims.Check the departure schedule offered by the travel agent. Avoid travel agents who only provide estimated departure times. An official Hajj travel agent usually has a visa quota and a definite departure date.Consider choosing a Hajj travel agent that provides insurance for prospective pilgrims.Hajj Plus Registration RequirementsThe following are the requirements for registering for Hajj Plus, which are not much different from the regular Hajj. However, truFriends needs to prepare documents that include:
Registration form.Original passport with a minimum validity of 7 months.The name in the passport consists of at least 3 syllables.Photocopy of KTP.Photocopy of KK (Family Card).Photocopy of Birth Certificate.Photocopy of Marriage Certificate.30 pieces of 3x4 size passport photo with white background.15 pieces of 4x6 size passport photo with white background.PIHK election power of attorney.Waiting list statement.Down payment of USD 4,500 (Ministry of Religion Portion Number).How to Register Hajj PlusAfter truFriends prepared the documents for going to Hajj plus. Here are the steps to register for hajj plus:
The initial registration deposit is transferred to the travel agent's account according to the specified fee.The travel party will deposit the funds to the Ministry of Religion to get the Hajj plus portion number.After obtaining the Portion Number, the prospective pilgrims submit all the necessary documents to the travel agency.Payment of the registration fee will be adjusted to the provisions of each travel agent or agency, usually done within 4-6 months.The difference between Regular Hajj and Hajj PlusAfter knowing the ins and outs of Hajj Plus, truFriends needs to know the significant differences between regular Hajj and Hajj Plus. Here are the differences:
1. CostHajj plus has a higher cost compared to regular pilgrimage. Hajj plus costs can reach hundreds of millions of rupiah, meanwhile 2. Facilities2. FacilitiesHajj plus offers additional and more complete facilities compared to the regular Hajj. For example, better accommodation, comfortable transportation, tourist visits, and other additional services. Regular Hajj may have simpler facilities.
3. Waiting TimeThe waiting time for Hajj Plus is relatively shorter than the regular Hajj. Usually, the waiting time for Hajj Plus is around 4–7 years, while the regular Hajj takes longer, which is around 18 years.
4. OrganizerRegular Hajj is organized by the government through the Regular Hajj Quota which is managed by the Ministry of Religion. Meanwhile, Hajj Plus is held and managed by private parties, such as a travel agency that has official permission from the Ministry of Religion.
5. Access to the Grand MosqueHotels provided in the Hajj plus program are usually closer to the Grand Mosque, making it easier for pilgrims to perform their prayers there. During regular Hajj, the distance between the hotel and the Grand Mosque may be longer.
The differences above make Hajj Plus an option for those who wish to get additional facilities, shorter waiting times, and extra comfort during the pilgrimage.
However, the availability of the Hajj Plus quota is limited and its higher costs make it an option that is not always available to everyone.
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