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L.tru – Inner Hijab Kerut



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L.tru - Wrinkle Inner Hijab

Inner hijab that can be used for all activities because the material is soft, lightweight, and elastic so that it provides comfort when used.

Designed to fully cover the head to the neck with a ruffle accent on the back, so it can also be used as a mini bergo.

- Material: Using Silky Stretch material that is soft, lightweight and elastic.
- There are wrinkles at the back of the inner for comfort and also as a space for hair clips.
- Flexible and fits all face shapes.
- Covers the neck but loose (not strangling) so it is very comfortable to wear.
- As an inner hijab, it can be worn with various types of hijab, but it can also function as a hijab itself, becoming a mini bergo.
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