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L.tru – Gamis Haji dan Umroh Dress Bless Set Package




Dress Bless Set Package, a cozy collection launched by L.tru and specially designed to support Hajj and Umrah activities with a more elegant look and more complete features.

In the form of a practical package that provides complete outfit needs for Hajj and Umrah trips, from head to toe. The package contains: Bergo Hajj, Inner Hijab, Dress, Inner Pants, Prayer Cuffs and Thumb Socks.

Equipped with an exclusive bag that can also function as a travel pouch.

Comes in ALL SIZE and with color options: Black and Off White.


Material: Soft Polyester which is soft, cool and lightweight.
Round collar.
Front opening with longer zipper (40 cm) so it is easier when opening the dress. Busui friendly and elderly friendly.
Semi batwing cutting.
There are pleats on the front and back of the dress. Aside from being an accent, it also functions for freedom of movement during worship.
There is a hook at the end of the dress that can be hooked on the buttons on both sides of the pocket, so that the end of the dress can be hooked so as not to get wet during ablution or exposed to impurities during berhadas.
The sleeve ends are half ruffled.
There are pockets on both sides of the dress.
Bergo Hajj

Material: Soft Polyester which is soft, cool and lightweight.
The front is long to cover the stomach with a tapered shape.
The back is long to cover the thighs with an oval shape.
The back of the bergo hajj is longer than the front.
It has a notched cut on the side of the sleeve for ease of movement.
There is a moveable V-neck for chin area comfort.
Inner Hijab Wrinkle

Material: Silky Stretch which is soft, lightweight and elastic.
There is a wrinkle at the back of the inner for comfort and space for hair pins.
Flexible and fits all face shapes.
Covers the neck but loose (not suffocating) so it is very comfortable to wear.
As an inner hijab, it can be worn with various types of hijab, but it can also function as a hijab itself, becoming a mini bergo.
Adjustable Inner Pants

Material: Silky Stretch which is soft, lightweight and elastic.

Loose cutting on the hips for comfort and freedom of movement.
There is an adjustable elastic band on the back of the waistband, in the form of rubber and buttons that can be adjusted to the size of the waist circumference.
Fit at the ankle, but still elastic for ease of ablution.
Prayer Cuffs

Material: Lycra Jersey

Flap closes the hand perfectly.
The palm part is open.
There is a ring to hook the finger.
Elasticized armholes that can be easily worn after ablution.
There is a push button on each cuff, so it is not easily lost.
Thumb Socks

Material: Nylon

Fit design on the thumb.
Half calf length.
Exclusive Packaging

Material: Polyester

Multi-functional packaging, can be used as a travel pouch for ease when packing,
Can save luggage space when leaving for Hajj / Umrah or traveling
Care instructions: Wash using a washing machine at medium speed, and use an iron at medium temperature.
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