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L-tru – Mukena Travel 2-Piece Leaf Cut Finish | Mukena Adem Traveling




Mukena 2-Piece Leaf Cut Finish L.tru Travel Prayer Set

L.tru travel mukena is specially designed for the convenience of daily worship.

- In the form of a 2-Piece mukena (mukena top and skirt bottom) with a size that can be worn by people who have a weight up to 100kg.
- Equipped with a mini prayer mat and pouch, this mukena is lightweight and compact for traveling.
- Elegant look with laser cut accents with an aesthetic irregular leaf pattern and also a metal L.tru logo label.
- Using premium soft polyester material that has the character of smooth, lightweight, not dreamy, not floating and water repelent.
- The head of the mukena is equipped with an adjustable strap.
- On the chin there is an elastic V-neck so it is very comfortable to wear.
- At the waist of the mukena skirt there is rubber that is not easily stretched.
- Comes in a wide selection of solid colors and does not fade easily.

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